Devs talking about Tier Sets

“Many of us weren’t at Blizzard or working on WoW when the old Tier Sets were around, and the game’s changed since then as well.”

Tier Sets were removed in BFA. So In other words you don’t know anyting about WoW. Got it.



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It’s a complaint thread from an OP who wants to grind one type of content 24hrs a day, seven days a week, every month.
War between timegate haters and grind haters in 3…2…1…


Blizzard developer takes a lot of time to write a lengthy and detailed post explaining the design process and philosophy and thinking behind tier sets.

…And that’s your take-away from that?!

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Instead of elevating the discussion topic to the level where the Blizzard developer has placed it, you’re just dumbing it down to the infantile. Why?!


Each writing posts according to their abilities.


Because Im extremely strongly against the idea that todays “games” are being developed by morons and fools. He clearly said he has been hired recently. He does not know anything WoW’s gearing in the past. Modern rng casino take on WoWs itemization is insulting.


It would help if you linked the source of what you are paraphrasing.

I saw one extremely detailed, well thought out and articulated post from a dev here

Is this the thread in question?

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Statement that they haven’t been around when Tier Sets were a thing means that they are extremely inexperienced group and it explains why BFA and Shadowlands were bad. Less mobile timegates and more core MMORPG elements thank you!

Didn’t want to dismiss your take as hilariously bad without confirming it was that piece.

Thanks for confirming.

He pretty clearly states he was playing the game back then so I’d imagine he’d have a pretty rounded opinion on things like intent / acquisition etc of set bonuses, what works / doesn’t and what people like and don’t.

By your (ahem) logic, you’ve never worked at Blizz or on wow so don’t know anything about it?

huehue :man_facepalming:


Yeah if you love what Blizzard has done with BFA and Shadowlands then you can praise devs by all means. He does not know what hes even doing because there is no history.

This does not mean 9.2 Tier Sets are going to be bad, but it was just fantastic confirmation that BFA and Shadowlands teams are pretty Africanic so to speak.

I don’t even know how to take that statement?

Are you just flavouring your ignorance with racism or am I missing something?


This bluepost Was one of the best Things Blizzard did in terms of communication in the last years.
They speaked out open and try to give more inside.

You are saying you dont think tier sets will be bad but bfa and SL devs are working on it and not the OG ones? And that makes it bad or like you said “africanic” , is this some racistsht ?

Srsly you are pretty toxic. Probably this dev is thinking and working 24/7 about his work and all you can say is if he only worked for sl and bfa he and his work must be trsh.


xcd lold at this post hahah

I take Pretty Toxic title as a compliment. :kissing_heart:

Imagine complaining about what’s clearly a passionate developer just because he’s only been working for Blizzard for a year. We, as a community, should be cheering them on instead


in fairness, just because someone played a game it does not mean he’s qualified to develop it.
I’ve been playing wow for years, I’ve seen a fair share of set dropping tiers, and I’m certainly not qualified to develop tier sets.

Sure i can have some ideas on what is good or bad, but working professionally on it is a different thing and requires a much more well rounded knowledge.
in hindsight seeing as they believed domination shards were a good substitute for tier sets, makes me question if they were qualified either.


With the current Tier Sets incoming they pretty much did everything we didnt like from the Tier Sets itself.

We got boring 2pc and 4pc effects and we also got among the worst looking sets in the entire Game in one.

If they werent gaining millions every month for this Product it would be hilarious.

And calling the devs morons and fools isn’t?


Very good take on the dev’s post. Well thought and constructed and very thorough. 5/5 read.

Doesn’t seem to be the case, at least from the way they’ve released content and how SL ended up.