Devs talking about Tier Sets

Yea, cos the guy designing tier sets was totally responsible for every bad decision and system in SL.


Dom shards would have been a good substitute, if the implementation wasn’t so atrociously bad. If acquiring them would have been the same as tier set acquisition will be in 9.2, they would have fared a whole lot better.

If they dropped from all kinds of high-end content, and upgrading them wasn’t a colossal pain in the backside, and you didn’t need to collect BOTH the shards and the items themselves, it would have been a nice system, better than tier sets, even.

If you could carve a dom socket into any item (after a short rep grind, maybe), and only needed to collect the shards themselves, that would have been a great thing.


Last patch of legion was more than 4.5 years ago, tier set development most likely was done way before the release. People tend to switch jobs (or at least positions) in an 5 yrs time span. In IT if you want to optimise for money, then you need to switch every two year.

  1. It was about 5 years ago that the last set bonus was being designed, literally.

  2. Who cares if they started yesterday or 10 years ago as long as they design fun/good set bonuses?

  3. Those being said… the Ret set bonuses suck big-time! The only dps spec (didn’t look at tanking/healing specs to compare) in the game that has both set bonuses as rng in addition to having the 4th set being rng out of rng.

And by the post made by the dev, the intentions don’t seem to apply to the ret set. So i’m expecting them to remake the set, especially the 2 set bonus that is still bugged since it was implemented on the PTR 7 weeks ago.

Yep, all of this. And they don’t even bother to give an update on the status of the set. No mention of fixing the 2pc bug or whether they are planning to update.
It’s good they posted they philosophy behind it, but since it’s in the CC forum, most people can’t reply to it, only the “chosen” few and they don’t even bother to address the complains from the PTR class threads…

It’s the PTR. Devs are working on it, they’re not obliged to report the status of their iteration to you. Like you can give your feedback for sure, but expecting a report on things which are not even in the game, nor final is just too much.

From this topic, I think that’s a positive thing.

You might want to check that language use.

Yeah, they fixed the interaction from the set that was a positive really fast, but don’t bother fixing the negative for 7 weeks. I see the priorities.


You gonna yell: Transportation! When somebody gets hit by a truck?

Why do you care tho? Most likely if it’s really bugged they will fix it before release. It’s not like you can’t play the game without a fix on the test realm. (I mean it it called public TEST realm, that might give you the hint why there are bugs there)

I don’t have a problem with it. But it’s against the rules of this forum.
That’s all I’m saying.

The PTR isn’t for playing the game, it’s for testing.
The bug reports went in 1st day of the set bonus issue, it’s been 7 weeks without a fix.

We can’t test a bugged set bonus. Or is that too much for you to understand?
Feedback was plenty to let them know that the set bonus even if it worked, it sucks.

So why don’t you leave this conversation when it’s clear that you have no clue what the issues are?

It’s not like you can’t play the game without a fix on the test realm.

The set CAN’T be TESTED on the TEST realm because of the bug.

Indeed. So again, why do you care if it’s bugged? You reported it, Blizz either doing the rework of the set and they ignore to fix it because of that or just doing other things.

They most likely prioritised it, and it is not urgent for some reason. They’re not obliged to fix things on the PTR in a certain timeframe. Take a seat, play retail or any other game then check it out one week later, repeat.

After they reworked like 5 sets after the feedback they got, there is a really simple reason why they’re not fixing the paladin pieces, but I guess it’s easier to cry than to think about it for a second.

I think your “issues” are not real ones here.

I care that it’s bugged and can’t be tested properly.
You don’t just test the functionality on a set bonus, you also test its impact to give proper feedback on it.

So what you’re saying is that you’re clueless and can’t offer any information. Then shut up? You’re defending without knowing anything.

No, i know that there is a possibility that they would rework it instead of fixing it.
But you can’t even stand and think for a minute to see what the problem is. It’s the lack of communication.

Yes, your “issues” are the real ones here.

Stay ignorant.

Amazing excuse for deliver terrible quality work?

What’s so hard about literally checking items on PvP/PvE vendors and check past bonuses.

Also why can’t they figure a reason why there were different sets for PvP and PvE?

I can do it for them

@WarcraftDevs - the main reason there were two different sets is that PvE sets weren’t always useful for PvP players and opposite. Why would a DPS player want to wear a piece with suboptimal stats for extended range of spell or extra defensive bonus if they can wear same ilvl piece with better stats smilarly to why would you wear current Affliction 4 set bonus as PvP player when you never cast Shadow Bolt or Drain Soul. You literally only play inevitable demise and when you have time to cast you cast UA and cast Malefic Raptures. What’s going to happen is no Affliction player who plays PvP will go for 4 set bonus and only use 2 set bonus because it’s just useless. Another one is Restoration Shaman. You just don’t cast Chain Heal in arena and even in RBG you rarely have people stacked enough to make Chain Heal worth casting while in raids people are always stacked.

There are way more set bonuses like this but I’m not going to go through all of them. If you weren’t there when set bonuses were around then listen to feedback and make 3 or at least 2 sets with different bonuses. Most of WoW players play it for years and they know what they want. Just listen to feedback and you will be praised.

Indeed. However it’s not working atm, so you can only wait for the fix or a rework and you have no clue what’s going on in the background.

You have the same information as I, and you’re attacking without knowing anything then. See what I did there?

It’s the PTR. Do you expect a weekly report on the workings of the developer team? Do you want a personal demo as well?

Like man, get a chill pill there is not a single company that gives users weekly reports for things which are in development. It’s too much effort and too little gain.

I don’t really have any, so they aren’t real either.

My point exactly. There are people playing WoW who have been here since Vanilla PvP Set Pieces. Their message indicates that they have absolutely no idea why WoW was so good before WoD. They also don’t get it that time gating MMORPG content is bad thing. Casuals are backbone on MMO just like insects are backbone of nature. You do something that kills them and you will starve to death.

No sh… Sherlock. Got any more useful info?

No, because i actually know wtf i’m talking about in regards to the situation.
You have no information regarding the ret set bonuses, how they work, their impact on the spec. So you have nothing to go on.

Nobody is asking for a weekly report, the only one mentioning it is you in this rubbish post of yours. Ok?

It’s pretty clearly that you have some issues here, since you’re complaining throughout the whole thread.

So why don’t you sit back and relax with your double non-rng set bonuses? For all Mage specs.

Casuals are the exact people who needs timegatimg.

Random Joe in his mom’s basement can grind 24/7 for a week and get the double legendaries or whatever. Casual players can’t compete with that, they play a lot less. If Blizz would remove timegating, there would be thousands cryposts about how Blizzard not respecting your time and forcing you to sit behind a monitor all day to grind a stupid reputation by killing 10,000 mobs and if you’re not doing that then you will be behind on the 2nd day of the patch and none will invite you.