DF S1 class sets:

With the recent news that the new catalyst won’t be open until 6 weeks after the mythic raid opens, can we get some more information about how the class sets are going to function in PvP?

Are we going to get separate bonuses?

Are we going to need to raid for tier and get lucky in the vault or face being disadvantaged?

Are we going to need to convert our PvP pieces into tier again?

Are they going to be disabled?

Some PvP focused news would be lovely, because right now it reads as ‘raid and get lucky or wait 6 weeks to get tier’.


this would require work and effort so obviously not.


Remember back when PvP and PvE sets would look different?
And when we had elite weapon skins?


I’m sure all the feral players will be devastated when they’ll be behind on their +5% dmg to Bite and Rip :sunglasses::+1:

The bleeds and bites are actually nasty on the Beta rn. I am biting for up to 80k with the gear given on the characters. Thats insane, and its without Bloodtalons giving an additional 15% compared to the Lion’s Strength or w/e the equivalent 15% straight boost to bite and rip was.

Feral itself & Jungle will be a big nuisance in DF since they have both tanky bear abilities and the strong instant offhealing due to no affinities while also having both big bites and huge bleeds now and even potentially cleave.

Edit: The new Protector of the Pack last row capstone also makes me hit 60k instant Regrowths. On 140k healthpools. Feral is nuts. :cat:


Feral has always been broken when it comes to PvP , i don’t remember a single season where they were weak. Dunno why ppl complain about ferals :smiley:

If you have nothing constructive to say on my post then don’t type at all


I guess in TBC, apart from Rogue/Druid in 2s they werent that great. Neither in Wrath, they are still upper midtier there and definitely lacking behind compared to the other very strong melees apart from Enhance.

I’m kind of happy because on both Shadowlands and Dragonflight, I’m able to skip tier sets entirely since they insist on only making Essence font related traits for Mistweaver.

Sorry let me reformulate it for you then

The tier sets don’t appear as big as SL tier sets were, where entire specs could have their identity and power shaped around them, compared to most of these ones that give you like +5% crit chance or 10% crit dmg on an ability.

So it probably doesn’t matter as much if you’re missing your 2p or 4p for a couple resets, especially for specs like feral where the tier set almost seems unnoticeable in terms of raw power

Man said ‘a couple of resets’ when it could be up to 6 :skull:

So I guess if you lose to some PvE’rs at the start of the season, they have their 2 and/or 4 sets and you don’t then the words ‘they have their bonuses and I don’t’ should never enter your thought process if you think being disadvantaged ‘doesn’t matter’ :slight_smile:

Why do the conquest items not have set effects by default?


Ask Holinka or the other devs. Don’t all ask at once though, they might cry that they’re being ‘harassed’.


And they probably won’t, because tier sets appear to hold very little power compared to now.
If you lose to a PvE’er outgearing you, I don’t think it’s because of the tier, but because of sheer ilvl difference.

A bonus or an increase etc etc no matter how powerful you deem it to be gives a player an advantage. PvP’ers are being neglected here and have to decide whether or not to play content which they do not want to do, get lucky once a week in a vault or wait 6 weeks (a month and a half of sub money) to receive their bonuses, and you are okay with that? You are enabling the marginalisation of PvPer’s.

My bonuses give me a very high uptime 5% haste increase and up to a 60% increased damage of Devouring Plague, and I’m facing the possibility of 6 weeks without that. Do better.

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Let’s be real: If tier is enabled in PvP, considering bonuses will most likely change every season, given Blizzard’s track record of how quickly they nerf stuff like this, PvP balance will stay at SL S3 level, throughout the entire expac.

R.I.P. PvP’ers

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Yup, that’s why we need to put pressure on these devs to address our concerns, instead we have enablers like above that think their obvious neglect ‘doesn’t matter’ and completely misses the point that allowing them to pretend we don’t exist sets a precedent for the way they approach us in the future.

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Meanwhile outlaw rogues: “ok”

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Sure they give an advantage, but everything’s relative right, like current fury tier puts you on a whole other level than without, but +10% crit dmg to Mortal Strike isn’t a complete gamebreaker.
I haven’t commented on whether or not I think it’s okay, I’m saying that from all the worries you could have about the next expansion’s PvP balance, I don’t think this is one of the main concerns. Just like I never said there won’t be specs that’ll be reliant on this power.

More than the first 6 weeks of a season, I care for PvP balance, design, hotfix frequency, actual power of said tiers, conquest acquisition and the other 14 weeks of the season.

Of course this is also an issue, but I don’t think it matters as much as the above, especially considering you likely will not see this sort of design changed ever, because as continously shown throughout this and last expansion, it’s okay if PvE’ers get an advantage in PvP, but damned if PvP’ers get an advantage in PvE.

If you say so

May I direct you to: