Diablo 4 should have pvp

Imagine 3 lanes. Each lane has turrets like league. There won’t be hundreds of characters to choose from like in league just the one you focused on in during D4 leveling. And the haters who dislike this idea, how exactly does it affect you? You can choose not to play it.


I actually would play D4 if there was something like this. I always disliked that there was no PVP in Diablo.

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So Diablo MOBA.

Didn’t they say they where looking into PvP?

There is a PvP zone in Diablo IV.

Is it end game, I haven’t seen PvP QQ yet.

It’s boring.

Still counts.

It’s boring

Still, still counts.

Didn’t diablo 3 have a pvp game? Wont it be in diablo 4 as well?

Diablo 4 seems to take in some mmo aspects to it. What kind of PvP do you guys have in mind if different from Diablo 3 in it?

Read post. I want it to be more like League gameplay which would popularize it in e sports.

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Oh… Why do you want it to be an e-sport? Sorry.

Didn’t exactly do wonders do the m+ community in wow in terms of play ability… A huge part of the players never even and still dont touch m+ cause of the toxicity it brought.

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Because it has the potential to be like Dota or Lol. Yes there are only 6 classes but each class has 4 - 20 different builds. It’s similar to Dota and Lol, the camera angle, spell bars, mouse movement etc. It wouldn’t make sense that they don’t try it at least like an experiment.

You’re thinking on the real money auction house. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t heroes of the storm already blizzards version of that though?

Maybe that game should get a diablo 4 treatment instead


Nobody plays that, it’s garbage. We want it to be more like Dota and League, HOTS feels different.

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I disagree with everything you said. But this is still valuable feedback.

So you want a Dota and league game with diablo 4 … It would be an entirely different game mode though compared to what diablo 4 is made for.

A diablo 4 and heroes of the storm frankenstein…

I am actually not hating this idea.

Why post this on the wow forums :thinking:


You know that Dota originated inside of Warcraft 3 right?

Nope, 3 had brawling in New Tristram, you could fight your party members.

D4 has pvp that was announced a while back, but since I can’t say i care even remotely I can’t tell you what did they announce about pvp exactly :grin: