Did they lie about making cloak faster to upgrade?


I still have to get 8 pages instead of getting a rank for a single horrific vision. I have to do 2 full clears to get a rank.

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They never said when they are going to implement this exactly. The update will likely follow the next few weeks.

But it’s live in USA.

They always test things out for us.


I was able to turn it in when I was 2/4 so if you have pages on you already give it a try. The ? didn’t show as complete but I was able to turn in.

I have noticed that it’s asking for 8 on the next rank though.

Might need to cancel the quest for the upgrade and pick it up again if you had it before the patch.

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I’m not even entering visions until it shows the correct amount. I’m not wasting any vessels.

You can just turn it in, I was able to do that.

If it let me upgrade the last time i’m hoping it works this time and just isn’t displaying the correct amount.

tbh before the announced the full list of reductions for torn pages, it was 1/2 pages per quest, but for some reason, they doubled it…

I have the same issue, 8 pages to rank up to level 11… i thought it would be 2…

you had it in your log?
Try abbandon it and accept again?

i did try to abandon and retake, still 8 tomes

The two regions have different reset times.

US= Monday or Tuesday not sure
EU= Wednesday

it should be correct now, if not, open a ticket

i dont see any changes

you probably should open a ticket, but try reloading wow

I can confirm it only requires the 2 pages despite saying 8.

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so what did oyu do, go in and try?

I wasn’t specifically trying for this, it just gave me the 15 cloak after a single run bringing me to 2/8