Did they lie about making cloak faster to upgrade?

Just tested it on the next rank, needed 6 pages but was able to turn in on 2.

That was to go from 13-14

any1 who can confirm from 10-11 what happens and how many you need

Yes it also said 2/4 for rank 13 but I could turn it in. Now its asking for 6 pages but I think I will be able to turn it in with 2. It’s a bug on a quest text.

Go to your WoW folder and delete your Cache. It should fix it!

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This should be bumped many times so poeople will see.

I’m on rank 8, quest requires 4 pages and I CAN"T turn it in with just 2. I suggest waiting, before you blow your vessels for more confirmation.

because rank 8 would require 1 run anyway, they only changed the ranks that would take more than 1 run.

Are you playing the US client?

well there you go.

No. Corrupted areas require 4 pages, i.e. up to rank 11 (was it? don’t remember), you have to run each the visions 2x for one upgrade. Only the quests requiring pages from Lost areas (rank 11+) require 2 pages per upgrade, i.e. 1x vision run.

Confirmed by GM.

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its literaly tooltip error.

you get 2 pages return it get item for upgrade.

pushed my DK from 5 to 15 in 3 hours today . amazing change :slight_smile:

mage tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

to fix the tool tip delete your cash folder in your wow files that fixed it for me and my friends

well not really though . many people are able to full clear while cloak 8-9 -_- then they only need 1 clear.

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