Died due to weird sever lag

Well who do you think is at fault? Me?

There is an official response, they have 0 clue what to do, that’s it.

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I never said you, or any other player (me included, I also lost to lag), was at fault.
But Blizzard doing something like a rollback would just shout “we failed, sorry”. They NEVER do this kind of thing … so the characters are gone. That’s what I wanted to say with my post.
(Even if doing it here would be a big W)

There is an official response about the lags? Could you please link it? I didn’t find anything, except 1-2 blues switching posts between categories with no information about the subject at hand.

It’s right here in the thread man, that’s your official response.

Ah okay, thank you.
The “08/15 corporate we hear you and we are looking it it”-response. I kinda glossed over it, because it had nothing of value in it - it is a stock answer.
Still ty for the fast answer.

I find it interesting Blizzard expect everyone to read a forum they even took two days to reply to this issue. Why can’t you just go out with a simple server message or when you log in “Hi, we are having problems with our servers right now and working on a fix, we recommend hardcore players to not play until we have a fix for this” Instead you letting players die as flies.


I hoped it was an isolated incident - while many experienced lag, only me and 1-2 others losing their characters. But now I see the issue is widespread affecting even lower population Nek’rosh. Mine wasn’t a big loss - I was only level 12 but I am really disappointed to see players losing their 30+ or even 40+ characters.

Let’s continue our discussion in this thread where it’s more likely to receive any official response from Blizzard:

Was runing to SM as a lvl 41 , came to the Tirisfal Glades boarder and got ported back to Silverpin Forest and died insta due to drowning. Got Transfer Aborted: instance not found …PLZ fiks ur server for HC , ur messing up ur servers and the HC community atm

Literally die because I got teleported into the void and died from fall dmg, this is just disgusting. How can be 2023 and still have broken servers?
What is Blizzard going to do with all the deads who have nothing to do with the player skill? Everyone is diying right now w/o reason lmao.

Dead while flying over Searing Gorge, demounted me.

Same here , died on hyperspawn … couldnt even move for 10-15second . even the guy near me typed, hope we dont die … we died both … Good job blizzard like seriously

I just died aswell as a freshly leveled 60 Mage… I literally could not even enjoy being 60 for a few hours.

I was zoned into ZF farming, and once I had completed my clear, I made sure to clear my combat and run to the entrance while evading all mobs in order to avoid triggering combat.

I reached the dungeon entrance and zoned out of the dungeon, but instead of the loading screen working, the progress bar never loaded and I was stuck on that screen for about 60 seconds, “Transfer Aborted: instance not found” then instead it loaded me back into the dungeon at the start with many mobs on me that I had not pulled at all.

Dead now on Stitches and couldnt even enjoy the game because of server lag that was out of my control. (It was NOT lagging for me at any point, and happened only when exiting).

Fun stuff! I know there is no “appeal” but atleast re-confirm there is no appeal so I can just forget about trying again.

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Sad to hear it mate. It happened so many players today on all levels, even 60. Many dying from fall dmg with flying mounts getting “Transfer Aborted: instance not found” Blizzard been aware of this problem for 24 hours+ but they still letting the servers being live while they investigate the problem. This is 100% on them!

Then they tell you, you already agreed on “hardcore eula” server lag/dc/whatever when creating your char.
Park your char on a safe spot and logout asap, don’t even go to other zone - it does “transfer abort etc”.

Absolutely, we did. But when they as a company KNOWS about this problem and keep running the servers online instead of shutting them down until the problem is resolved is beyond my comprehension! How can they not warn people or trying to reduce the dmg here? I starting to believe they have no people working there anymore.

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problem is when you are in lag … you cant even log out … and alt+f4 for my friend doesnt work he died near me.

I died flying over wetlands. I spent all the day fishing without moving because the lag, and when i went to wetlands to change the fishing spot i die during the flight. thats not fair at all. thats not harcore. there was not a simple advice from blizzard for this.
Many people on my guild have die at the same time because they were on gryphon flight. My body is in a unreacheble place. * Theoretically players cant get of the gryphon. im pretty sure Blizzard could do a rollback with conditions.
Level 35 druid

The same thing happened to me, lvl 53.

Lost my 49 on wednesday because of a lag spike. Went agane yday and died at 13 during a lag spike. Had no issues before those happened. In hc servers this is ridiculous.

And if you go US forum, no complaints of lag. It is EU thing only.

Iis it still lagging?