Disabling XP Gains on 110+ Characters

Yet more evidence that the developers are so out of touch with the player base. Have fun the way we say.


Whats next?..blizz: We have found out that some ppl are standing still at the same location for a long time, we will be making a hotfix in the near future, making it so a char can only stay in a zone for 1 hour at the time, after that, said toon will be zone locked for 1 day.

Reason: They want you to explore the world, not to be limited in 1 zone!

RP’er n’ rare campers be like: WTF!?

Anyway, i feel this is wrong, this is a game, not a job, we play the game for fun.

If ppl find it funny to boost other in island expedition (for gold), let em, its more of a “clever use of mechanic” then anything, since thats how the damn scaling works.

I wonder, dont you think this will harm you in the end blizz?, say some new player wanted to buy boost, but, dont have the gold, they can choice to buy tokens for real money and sell em for gold, this will then give you guys more money (i heard you guys like money), so, why shot yourself in the foot with this.

This “control” here will do more harm then good.

Hopefully the replies this post here will get will make you guys change your sight on stuff.

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I play this game since autumn of 2007, freshly after BT was released. Until BFA never ever have used xp off feature simply because I wanted to play new content. Due my a bit long absence during Legion I was behind with my alts on that content. So far have only forgot to turn off xp on 2 characters, but decided that will do what can later on them, while setting xp off on rest of my characters, and slowly making my way through Legion on them. As my sub is soon to expire was wondering more and more about keep playing game or no. This blue post gave me final answer to my pondering. So things are simple from me to you Blizzard. If you decide to do this in a way how you now have described it, and thus FORCEFULLY removing my xp off from characters that I have desired to have it so for Legion content purpose only, not only that you can expect for me to not keep sub, but to not resub to this game…EVER…AGAIN…simple as that dear Blizzard. Or we shall part our ways because of this or you will think twice, hard, before making this decision become game reality. You are on the move Blizzard, and I am waiting. Oh and btw Blizzard, so far I have been playing ONLY Legion content, have not set one foot into BFA content with ANY character. Try to see bigger picture for once…on time…


More decisions from Blizzard showing that the devs are completely detached from the game and the playerbase.

Alientating, I guess it’s Blizzard’s Christmas present for the players. There’s so much stuff to fix, but all they manage is to implement stuff to patronize our gameplay. These guys in the devs office need help, seriously.


This is purely idiotic.
Who exactly is running Blizzard at this point? (Don’t blame Activision, cause it’s PEOPLE that’s at fault here).

You’re NOT thinking, whatsoever, of what makes this game fun.
Twinking has been a part of WoW for 14 years…
People twinked back in Vanilla and boosted people in things.

FUN is key word to why ANYONE even plays this any longer…
and you’re sincerely not just shooting yourself in the foot anymore, you’re shooting us all by now cause we’re going to have a completely dead game, a game we love, if you keep this up.



Whoever is making all these decisions needs to have a talk with the community or just realise what they are doing…


We’ve been thinking about this plan more today and agree that there are probably better ways to approach this issue. We’re going to hold off on this for the time being while we discuss.


THANK YOU, Please have a LONG think about this, cause Twinking is a core part of the game.


A great thank you for listening to those who speak.


Thank you for listening (come on you can do better than this)


oh wow thanks

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I would definitely say so, mate. But thank you for taking a step back and looking at this a different way. Very much appreciated.


Did anyone tell Blizzard everything they are doing these days is WRONG ?

Just stop punishing people paying money for the game for erros YOU have made Blizzard !!


They originally added this feature to stop people twinking in BGs, since you’d get one-shot by anyone who was twinking if you weren’t and so they added exp to battelgrounds but allowed you the option to turn off your exp gains.

However, since fun was detected, they also placed everyone who was twinking (exp off) in a specific queue where you would only fight other twinks, thus killing the whole purpose of twinking.

I used to frown upon the “fun detected” meme before, but I’ve come to realize how wrong I was and how hard I was clinging onto the nostalgic memories when this game was actually good, these days I wouldn’t even recommend North Korea use it for torture, because it would just be too inhumane. Waterboarding would be the preferred choice.

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Looks like they decided it was a bad idea:


Curious to know how did the team come up with such a stupid idea in the first place.


time to quit ty blizzard for killing a fun no more fun anymore good bye. If you would make the game funny at level 120 then the players will go and play at level 120.

Glad to see a quick response. Hopefully whatever you come up with in the end won’t end up destroying twinking.

However I’ve already cancelled the sub, so did friend I was playing with. He isn’t coming back so I have no reason to come back either.

I know the intention wasn’t to communicate in such a way to cause most backlash, but you should seriously consider how much time people invested in the part of the game you’re about to kill before announcing the move. Quick and dirty fixes rarely ever go down well.


I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was a last item on the agenda before lunch and they went with a half-baked ‘solution’ without any real thought because their stomachs were rumbling.


Hey do Blizzard need developers? Cuz I found few in kindergarden and they will make better fix.
Why you just bon’t boost heirlooms to 100% bonus exp?

There’s a standard tactic employed by parents, teachers, merchants since time immemorial. Also by Blizzard.

When you want to announce something unpopular:

  1. Announce something even more unpopular. Let the outrage build.
  2. Back off to let everybody feel relief. You’re now the hero.
  3. Announce the unpopular thing you had in mind in the first place.

On its face, this even more unpopular announcement never made any sense to me…

Don’t relax just yet - are we on Step 2 now?