Disc priest (376) lfg (TarrenMill) to do raids and m+


Hey there! I am currently looking for a guild to do raids and m+!

I started this expansion with some friends but they all left so I currently do m+ n stuff on my own which feels pretty boring after a while. That’s why I am looking for a guild with cool mates to enjoy the game and have some success!

I would describe myself as an average player who still has a lot to learn but knows how to play. I just did (5/8) heroic with no team so there is still a lot to do for me.
Since I have no guild to play with I pretty much play on my own or play other characters, like MW Monk, Restro Druid and Rogue which all are on another server. I do some m+ with my priest but since all my items are at least 370 I don’t feel like it’s worth to push with randoms.
I would love to do mythic raids and push higher keys with a nice group.

What I expect? Not that much actually. Most important to me is to find an active community. If we fail a raid or a dungeon it’s fine as long as everyone adopts to the game and we’ll do better next time! :slight_smile:

I am 25 years of age so I would prefer to not play with kids - no offense :smiley:

I could raid every day exept Monday and Wednesday.


If you’re open to the idea of changing realms then we would welcome you on Twisting-Nether :slight_smile:

(Shaddel) #3

hey bud we are on the lookout for a disc priest, however we are on draenor eu so it would require a servers transfer.
take a look at our post and i hope to hear from you soon


Deffinatly no bump