[H] Twisting-Nether <Subversion> - Recruiting Raiders


Subversion is currently recruiting raiders for Battle For Dazar’alor and our social rank is always open to anyone looking for a home. The guild has been around for several expansions and is comprised of mature players who enjoy a relaxed raiding environment with consistent progress.

We are 8/8 H and 2/8 M Uldir and following the Christmas break we have been focussing on farming resources, wPvP and M+ keys whilst we wait for the new raid. Raid nights are Weds, Sun 21:00-23:30 (server time) and possibly one other day depending on availability and progression.

Currently recruiting:
Tanks: CLOSED 07/01
Healers: CLOSED 08/01
DPS: Mage (any), S-Priest, Boomkin, Warlock (any) - others considered

We use a contribution system so that everyone chips in towards raid consumables. In return the guild bank will provide you with:

(Per Raid)

  • 2x Cauldrons
  • 20x potions (per raider)
  • 10x health potion (per player)
  • 20x feasts
  • 1x Vantis/equivalent (per player - if required)
  • 20x War Scroll
  • 20x Tomes
  • 10x Auto Hammer

Raiders will also be provided with:

  • All Enchants
  • All Gems
  • All warfront contributions

In addition to raiding we also do:

  • Resource farming nights
  • M+ keys (if we have multiple teams we do races)
  • Transmog and old content achievements
  • PvP (wPvP and BG’s)
  • Guild Events planned by our GM’s for blizzard store prizes

If you’d like to know more feel free to message me on Rosalera#2938 to discuss.

[H - Frostwhisper/Zenedar/Bladefist - EU] Looking for Guild!
Disc priest (376) lfg (TarrenMill) to do raids and m+

Those raid times are impressive! 09:00 - 23:30 server time :wink:


That’s what I get for posting when I need more coffee :smiley: I’ll correct it.