Disconnecting in game even tho I moved around

Many people have been reporting issues that their anti-afk scripts aren’t working anymore.

Well I didn’t use any scripts for antiafk timeout in the first place, I had my phones timer set to 20minutes, and every 20minutes I moved a little/pressed spacebar, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Today I went to the bathroom, I had been afk for like 15minutes before that, so I jumped on my character and set the timer to 20minutes.
25 minutes later, after coming out of the bathroom, I was disconnected.

This means: Blizzard has changed the time required to AFK to disconnect OR couple keypresses dont reset the timer anymore.

I cant even take a dump without facing the queue again.

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Because you’re not actually playing the game and preventing other people from doing that. You’re one of the reasons queues are so bad. And if more people would be kicked from the game, queues would be shorter.


It’s good that they’re doing something.
There’s also a 5 minute grace period to reconnect.

Sucks you can’t take a bathroom break though.

Its an undrestandable approach against anti-afkers who use automated tools to sit in the game for hours.

And to be honest I was actually playing, I was only away in total for 35minutes, with keypresses (activity) in between.

I dont think it’s right to kick me out of the game because of that, since I did show signs of activity, it was me pressing the keys (without automatic tools).

So you think it is right that people cant even have bio breaks and they cannot be sure how long they can stay away when blizzard doesnt count couple keypresses as activity anymore? After all, I’m not that “away”. Im always next to my computer, next to world of wacraft, enjoying the sounds & scenery even though I may seem “away”.

I don’t think that it’s OK. But if that’s the temporary price for getting rid of hordes of AFKers, it’s worth it.


How the heck does a biobreak take 35minutes?


On occasion I need to help a family member with disability. It might take up to half an hour but so far I’ve been able to avoid AFK disconnects by walking over to the PC and moving a bit.

Weekend is coming up, and if I get booted into a 15k people queue just because I had to provide assistance for 31 minutes instead of <30 - all the while being present at or near the PC - I will be supremely annoyed and my Classic weekend is effectively ruined.

Like it was with your Classic summer =)

Welcome to the Queue Bus, hop over.

Well it doesnt.
I mean: I was honestly AFK for 15minutes (watching tv) before the biobreak. After that I pressed spacebar to prevent it disconnecting me, but seems like it didn’t register jumping as activity and continued the disconnect timer, so while taking a dump I was disconnected. (25minutes in the bathroom).
The issue is that Im not one of those people who sit in the game for 24 hours a day logged in, using third party tools to send input to stay “active”, so I’m shocked that I got disconnected even though I was “active” between the 15 minute and 25 minute breaks.

Did it remove the “Away” from you? Normally i use movement keys for that.

Yes it did remove me from “Away”.
I believe they have just done something that more activity than jumping is required to stop the 30mins disconnect timer.

um… well if you had stopped playing in favour of watching TV, then you really should let someone else play.

Stuff like this is why we’ve got queues in the first place, y’know.

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If I let someone else play I cannot play myself. I have reserved my spot at 8 am and wish to keep it.

Beyond legitimate reasons someone might have to AFK for a bit longer than expected, for some of the bigger realms half an hour of TV will deny you a full day of WoW because of 6-8 hour queues.

Good that they are doing this

Either actually play the game or get lost


But I am kinda like playing, im moving the character myself, im listening to the zones music while i watch the telly… How is that not enough?

Taking 25 minute dumps would be my first concern.


Well I hope for your sake you never end up in a wheelchair or have some chronic condition. Ironically for those people WoW is the best form of escapism.