Disgusting TRP

You’re happy the leader of your guild got banned? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Lol, okay. That’s some interesting take.


Hey blues, this is one of those people everyone is talking about by the way.


Suspicious how one of my posts got massflagged, restored and VInmar disappeared for 8 days, eh?..


Highly suspicious.


I can confirm that recently I received an e-mail telling me a player I reported for something (cheating/ERP) did indeed get a punishment.

However the report is weeks old, I myself am not sure which report was (a PvPer using cheats in warmode or an ERPer?) and much like Krar, I echo the feeling that a lot of actions seem like they go unpunished. It is great that Blizzard cares but at the same time it’s not unlikely that so many players expect more to be done, especially considering the abundance of people that partake in open ERP. Why is it so difficult to take action against these violations of the ToS (and decency)? Not a rhetorical question. I genuinely appreciate that Blizzard enters the forums to explain the situation and their ways to deal with the situation at hand.


RE: Not all GMs can act bit.

Having worked in Customer Support in a fashion, I can make an educated guess that the “First line” support agents have very limited tools and mostly focus on burning through the no doubt hundreds of requests that are resolved by either deleting the WTF folder, restarting your router, etc. They might be able to act on stuff in chat logs, but not data communication between characters. It’s not entirely their fault as they probably have to grind through hundreds of tickets a day that are nearly identical and easily solvable. Your ticket might get lumped in by mistake, or the GM is inexperienced and decides to give a non-answer instead of escalating it to the appropriate team.

If the GM gives an unsatisfactory answer, re-open the ticket and ask for it to be escalated to someone who can read the addon communication logs. This will probably go up to a second line or similar who can actually act on it.


Probably aren’t given a great amount of training especially when it comes to the fairly weird subset of players.

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I hope Blizzard start to take this seriously and put their foot down when it comes to TRP profiles like these, and other monstrosities that are out there. I once encountered two people publicly ERPing in the Priest Orderhall with explicit TRPs. I reported it, and the GM told me there was nothing they could do because they were using a 3rd party addon (TRP) and I should just ignore them.

Well as confirmed by a blue here, they’re full of :poop: and in such a circumstance you should demand it be escalated.


I am more convinced that their general coordination is absolute garbo.

Sure, they got a few guidelines and the rules they have to act on but it feels like Blizzard has the same issue that Twitch has. Every gamemaster just does whatever and every gamemaster has zero idea what another does.

One might act on chatlogs, another might not. One might look into it with screenshots presented, another might not and so forth.

If it’s true that only senior gamemasters can look into chatlogs and they have a rank system / that not every gamemaster can access everything then rest in peace.

No wonder they are so useless in that case and can’t act on screenshots. Like you’re telling me when someone sends a screenshot, you can’t just ask for the time, date and exact location to have a quick look at the chatlog if it’s true or not? Lmao. If they can check chatlogs then I am really disappointed and that just speaks pure laziness. But the fault is at Activision here again for not getting more gamemasters. And Bobby. I hate Bobby.

This sounds like it supports my theory that gamemasters have no idea of what other gamemasters do and just decide stuff on their own personal basis.

Also a factor, because GMs saying they can’t do anything with TRP profiles is a complete lie. My strong guess is that the first line guys are simply not told about it for whatever reason and have to learn through experience.

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Of course, assuming the reported story is true. The forums have a knack for dramatizing details.

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Hey everyone!

To further clarify some things here. Some have asked why Game Masters do not actively look for these profiles. There are several reasons.

Primarily a Game Master’s work is to answer Customer Support tickets. If anyone here has opened a ticket recently you will probably have seen how long the queues currently are. To task Game Masters to entering game and looking for inappropriate behaviour does impact the support queues.

In the hypothetical situation of logging in to search for this behaviour, the Game Master would need to login with the appropriate addon, find offending characters to witness it, and then, because accounts are not actioned from ingame, search for the character and account in the tools they use to work, followed by locating the evidence in logs and documenting this before taking action. Again, this is not an insignificant or quick task per character investigated.

When you compare this to the “Report” tool where, once enough player reports trigger the review, the report received already has character and account information along with all the reported chat logs ready and waiting to verify and action as well as being essentially another ticket in the queue the Game Master is working on.

Finally, all Game Masters can review the logs, if you’ve reported a profile and been told it cannot be investigated then it’s worth opening the ticket again.

Closing the thread here as everything has been covered, please do keep reporting these profiles ingame / via ticket :slight_smile: