Disgusting TRP

Let me start off by saying I’m generally a pretty liberal person and I’m quite happy to encourage people to pursue any sort of cool funky fantasy storyline they want with their heroic or anti-heroic archetypes - but I draw the line at the use of children characters (in 99% of scenarios aside from in a plot to further it for storytelling purposes) in settings where murder, violence & questionable individuals are utilized.

Moving on, I don’t know if people are feeling brazen by the state of the server’s sharding issues in Stormwind, but I encountered a person (I can verify with screenshots if anyone would like to reach out to me in-game on this character, String, Grovekeeper or Suzette) who was roleplaying a seven year old with a sexually implicit About section that made me shiver.

It frightens me that people would make this up - a friend of mine I showed this to told me it could be someone trying to ‘bait’ others but I can’t imagine anyone sane wanting to even walk that fine line.

I’m not too savvy with a lot of technical info regarding the game but what is the best way to try and ensure this person gets banned for the content? Or is that just a gimmick of TRP that the individual can get the add-on blocked but not suffer any account penalties?

Eager to hear anyone’s thoughts.


Yeah it’s terrible.

Feel free to report them to blizzard because explicit TRPs are against the rules and should be reported.


Bring your pictures to Blizzard and report it.


It’s a shame people like this exist, but all you can really do at the end of the day is report them.

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Report report and report. Screenshots, send them in too as well as reporting the profile via the addon.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ve done both now, reported through the TRP and also sent a ticket to Blizzard. My assumption is they read this or someone else spooked them with a report too.

They’ve also deleted their character ingame, which wasn’t a trial as it had dungeon drops from Waycrest on it. Their Wowprogress, Armory & name no longer appear if I want to search/add friend to check the chacter. So I’m hoping it’s not going to be hard for Blizz to track them. Hope this results in a ban.


Good job :+1:t2:

Unfortunately stuff like this will probably pop up even more since Blizzard draws more and more of their customer related services away.

Wouldn’t surprise me if your individual report (if not stacked with the help of others) result into nothing. I don’t trust automated systems at all.

Anyways, most people like that have already realised they can do whatever they want without anything happening to them or in some cases get even protected by certain individuals at Blizz.

The future doesn’t look too promising.


TRP has a direct “report profile” feature built in you can use, which sends all the necessary data to Blizzard (or flags it, technically ALL TRP data goes to Blizz through the background communication channels).


The button doesn’t send Blizzard anything, it gives you a link to this page:

The majority of GMs seem to have 0 motivation to deal with explicit content in addons and will tell you to simply uninstall the addon. You’ll need to either really drive it home (usually over a series of back and forths) or ideally refer to GMs stating that even addon text can be reported; I’ve bookmarked this link for that purpose:

It embeds Krar’s comment, but at the link you can see the “thread closed” message which reads:

Closing this here because it’s descending into insults and inappropriate posts.
As always, if you see inappropriate behaviour ingame, report it ingame. This includes inappropriate profiles on RP addons.
The forums are not the place to report inappropriate behaviour ingame.
Code of Conduct: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/000256989


I’m happy to tell you that me and a friend of mine saw that exact same TRP in SW yesterday and we reported it too. It’s vile.

Pretty sure there’s a good amount of reports on that specific character now.


I saw that freak too, reported it
Child RP is strange to me anyhow, but okay, its a war filled world, tons of young orphans around or youngsters tossed in to the big life and some could find interesting chalange to rp one…
But this is completly a different matter and reportable

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Hi Joye,

Stepping in here again to clarify that RP profiles from addons are absolutely actionable if they are reported with the “report player” tool. Addons use communications channels for their profiles that are logged and visible to Game Masters.

It’s unfortunately not possible for Game Masters to actively search for these profiles, so it’s important that whenever any player spots them, it is reported. If you cannot right click report and have to open a ticket, be sure to provide the character name and approximate time that you found it so it can be investigated.

Generally screenshots will not be accepted (as they can be edited) but our logs cannot be modified so we act on these.



Glad to hear that this is still consistent!


Unfortunately the GMs themselves aren’t.

Thanks for the reply, it’s really helpful! And it’s great to see that Blizzard reads these forums and steps in to elucidate - I very much appreciate the effort.

And thanks to the other like-minded people here who’ve also immediately reported it then. Let’s hope that the reports bring some consequences down on this individual, and the individuals like them - seeing that there are actionable offenses!


Glad this is somewhat consistent.

However I think this should also cover “third party services” that offer explicit content within WoW.

Oh yeah, I think a majority of people know whom I’m talking about.

Just hoping you don’t get the same idiot- sorry, “Specialist GM” that I got, who slapped me with a 3-day ban instead of the person I reported for the adult content links in their TRP3.

I’m not bitter. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. Others have been forum banned and a GM stating “you massflagged someone” while they didn’t. Just for the GM to then state how “flagging someone wrongly once will also result in punishment”. :slight_smile:

Very cool. GMs lying is always appreciated. :tired_face::ok_hand:

The question is why? Go to GS, there are 65928732130924823912024723 profiles there, popping up daily. Excuses are being made here. Although I highly doubt it’s the actual GMs being the problem and it’s instead the fault (I know you can’t agree with me for obvious reasons) of the higher ups.

I feel incredible sorry for the GMs. Not being able to do more since the higher ups are people that have -zero- idea about gaming or what it needs. This is btw the reason why you usually employ people in a field that have years of experience in a specific thing above others. You wouldn’t employ the janitor as a head-chef in a restaurant, but this is how it feels.

I dread the day when Blizzard as a company is closed and entirely put into Activision. Because that is what will happen eventually due to expenses being reduced.

Wait… How much $$$ does Bobby make again?

More than 99% of all employees payment put together?

Oh. Well.

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Very pleased to hear that :slight_smile: