Distract and iceblock

Dear Blizzard, please, fix distract - it shouldnt affect players, it shouldnt force your character to change direction of movement without control.
Dear Blizzard, please, do something with iceblock and cityguards. Yes, I know how it should work, but focus lose from cityguards lead to honor abuse. We have a lot of annoying stuff during phase 2, but you shouldnt camp in the city, w8 for your prey and pressing from time to time 2-3 buttons for ez honor. Yes, there is thorium point, marshals refuge camp, etc where you can be killed, Im not complaining. But its seems to me that iceblock+guards not working correct

Hasn’t distract always done this?
Same for IB?
Long since i played those classes but the distract has always been used to shift your direction.

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ok, in this case Blizzard need to write correct description

As a vanilla rogue I can attest too distract always working that way =) And it was always typed that way =P


always working that way no means that it always working correct :smiley: if you understand what I mean

of course it does. if a skill works one way on a humanoid mob, then it should work the same way on players. Obviously. This is an MMORPG, not a Theme-park MMO =P

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Dear Blizzard, please, make our Distract ability more correct working! If I distruct some player to the side - he should turn to that side and if he run before Distract then he should run to this side where he was distracted!
Now often ppl don’t want to jump to water after Distract at Booty Bay! I’m crying after each such fail!

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Because in 2019 there are less keyboard turners


Then I want threat generating skills to work on Players and force them to attack me if I’m a tank class!

But seriously #NoChanges.

Ohh, that would be so cool! Force target swap onto you if you taunt a player =P But that can be suggested for retail xD not classic

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Yesterday, I successfully used distract to send a level 60 orc warrior (probably on autorun and slightly distracted in real life) into the lava in BRM. It was truly glorious.

You should learn how to read between the lines. =)

Oh my you weren’t completely serious?
I was so unaware of this.

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My favourite is when you know the boat will leave and you distract a player off of the pier into the water so they miss it :smiley: Makes me laugh every time


You can avoid getting distracted if you really want to, dont use auto run, hold down right mouse button and the key on keyboard in the direction you want to go, then no distract will change your direction.

did exactly as you described during my sprint 55lvl escape attempt from 60lvl rogue. Unfortunately my 55lvl blind not have full duration and he used sprint+vanish + distract, and despite my right mouse button and ‘W’ were hold I`d turned in opposite direction for a moment and it allow 60rogue to catch me. Yes, good that ppl know how to abuse some stuff, indeed

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