Dks in 2s pvp

So i started posting my feed back about dk since the frost nerf at pre patch
Ppl came and said its pre patch stop crying
Tgen i continued my post day after day week after week and no changes
Dk class is totaly dead in 2s
The only way you can pass 2.2 atm is plating with best healers in the game
Bo matter how you play you cant outplay as dk
Boring game play and weakest class in 2s
100000 feedbacks on forums
And still no good fixes
I think blizzard forsaken pvp


Bro… what can you do?

They buff dks - people start to cry… and the nerf comes within next hotfix. again, back to scratch.

dks have pew pew 10-13k oblitirates? well, if u can kite atleast 5-7 off those 12 beautiful seconds a pillar of frost have… nuff said.

oh yeah, we have such great mobility, also have 0 healing reduction at all, which means all the heals by the enemy player is 100%, minus the dampening ofc.

but hey, on the other side, those other classes have their great mobility, their mortal strike effect, their pretty pew pew dmg…

fair deal right?

my message to the donkey dk class designer, wake the f up… dreamer

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Hi Prokaznik,

Yes DK’s might not be great, how about MistWeaver Monk? :slight_smile: ?
Not all classes have to be top tier strength, and not all classes should be able to get rank#1 it seems.

i said class
monk have ww one of best pvp classes atm
and your wrong every class should be a tier and only small amount should be s tier
atm there are s a b d tiers alla round and for 60% of cosual pvp players its unplayable

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12k obliterate what did you smoke it? is like 7-8k and also is when everyone kite u in this moment cause is just a wheelchair class


in 3v3 frost is pretty decent since it has good synergy with other S tier specs, but in 2v2 if you will check class representation it’s pretty sad. Of course you can still manage to push a decent rate with it, but still struggle is real.
I personally took a break from wow in january for few month, and when I came back rerolled to frost. All I do atm are rbgs, which is pretty fun to play as frost.
Going to take another 1-2 month break because of new Path of Exile league. I really hope 9.1 will change major issues with pvp.

sure dud

At least you consistently do 3k dps with mortal strike and infinite mobility :wink:
That’s also 3v3s.

I don’t think you can hit higher than 9k on geared players with everything up.
At least mine aren’t higher than that.

Frost feels awful in 2v2 in my opinion.


And if you cannot due to spammable slow and infinite grips? :thinking: :man_shrugging:

Which costs rune so you won’t press obli anymore btw.

And then you wake up.

DK class as of now is pure trash.

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i talked about 2s potato

to fair that goes for like 90% of the specs lol

last time i played I only saw

sometimes got some weird stuff in the mix. On higher level it became affli/resto and survival/x
after 9.0.5 i didn’t play but i guess now its more bm hunters and less ww monks?

not exactly looking great for about all the other specs lol

Honestly, make a little effort when you create a topic. You text is almost unreadable.

Regarding the subject - DKs are fine, also in 2s.

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They’re not really fine in 2v2. Sure, you can reach high rating, but it’s extremely difficult compared to a lot of other classes, and the experience is utterly miserable.


The biggest problem is generally people just being bad. Dks is fine in 3s. 2s they are also OK but they rely on cleave.

Agree to disagree.

That being said, I can’t imagine that developers aim to balance according to the 2s bracket. It anything, it is likely to have a functional 3s scene for E-Sport.

dks are garbonzo in 2s ppl taht easy played on 2.7 all thier life barly paly on 2.2
stop smoking

Can you please apply yourself when you make a post? Are you illiterate or what?

I have no idea what message you are trying to get across