Do something about Feral

What is happening at Blizzard that you can so seriously overlook how pathetic feral is right now?

I have absolutely no tools to fight with, absolutely 0 worthwhile defence and nowhere near enough damage to mitigate that.

Some classes autoattacks or splash damage is enough to absolutely cripple me while their passives just laugh at my bleeds and bearform is the equivalent of wearing a wetsuit to go diving in lava, mobilty is pretty much anything but mobile.

Why do we pay the same price for the game and the monthly fees just for you at Blizzard to completely neglect us?


This is specific to pvp, right? Can you confirm?

Yeah, I couldn’t comment on how it is in PVE

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I agree. Feral needs more defensives X_x never felt that squishy in arena ever before. Non hybrids are outhealing us and we kinda melt like no other class


Never known anything like it, I’ve seen us be squishy plenty of times but nothing like it is currently. Those moments where you die so suddenly and you just think ‘Woah, WTF jut happened there?’ used to occur occasionally, now it’s just constant.

Always been able to at least have a decent impact in games and be able to hold my own for a reasonable length of time till backup arrived but now, very little hope of either. Having to resort to Guardian in a lot of games now and it just isn’t me or my playstyle.

When I think back to the savage beasts we were back in either TBC or Wrath, memory isn’t the best, compared to what we are now, it’s horrendous. Been literally picked and picked at till there’s barely anything left of the spec :unamused:


I just started Feral a few weeks ago for the first time 70a few days ago, just started SS and Arena, I was expecting it to be more squishy,it is but not as much as advertised,I mean it`s the fastest class , creating distance is very easy and Bear form heals you back to like full, even when you combine instant regrowth with the other instant heal.

This is pretty low CR like 1k ss and arena, but the Burst of bite build is absolutely insane,love it! :smiley:

I think Feral needs to play a lot with its tools which are speed and CC,you can heal after a cyclone or root, and jump in travel form behind a pillar.

I noticed that it`s pretty high-skillcap to properly deal with dmg and get the most out of the Class.

Nice troll. :x check pvp told me everything about you though.
You never even reached 1.8k ever.
If feral would be balanced, the soloshuffle ferals wouldnt be stuck at such a abysmal winrate.

If you think, those multi rank 1 ferals who are in the top right now , like cassidy at 2.4k or tael. Its only because soloshuffle mmr didnt reset. They still have 50% winrate.


wahahahahaha, bro go back from where you crawled out of.
be the fastest class and go away.

Why do you need Feral to be OP though,

Bro I play pvp for my own entertainment :)) I mean I pay a monthly sub so I will only do what is fun for me.

Feral feels really nice to me ,that`s all that matters :))


was expecting Druids to be more friendly :)))

We are friendly. But you see, all ferals are in a bad mood right now, even the best ferals are complaining and calling feral trash and you come here and state everythings fine. Of course you get an answer with salt


Yet another muppet that has a wild imagination, kindly point out the exact phrase you have read, anywhere in this or similar threads, where any feral asks to be, or wishes for feral to be OP.

You can’t, so go away and troll somewhere else, silly little boy.

I dont need feral to be Op you silly guy.
Where did you get this from?

Idgaf what you have to say, you dont know enough.
see the door.

Why would I be friendly to a sabotageour gasslighter guy who havent played even 1/5 of the time I have in this spec yet slams some blank statements that are not even objective.

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We don’t want it OP, we want it equal and fun. Being a cyclone spam bot is not fun. Being forced into kiting half the game and hoping your other DPS will do the work is not fun. Spending 10 talents in your class tree for stuff that you can’t even use is not fun. Being the spec with the lowest healing in the get is not fun. Having an 80% death rate in solo shuffle at 2100+ rating is not fun. Having an average win rate of 48% last season at 2100+ is not fun. We don’t want to be OP we want to be fun and equal to other DPS.


i dont mind kyting i just wish we could do it more effortlessly, feels like our mobility doesnt even matter.
all of the melees are literally glued to you and somehow people say you got more mobility than other classes, practically its not the case even though youre indeed runing with 40% speed at all times.
hope you get what i mean

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Giving us back proper shifting would be a big help, being forced to either stay rooted in bear form or risk shifting to cat, then forced instantly back to bear form is sadistic. Wasting all those globals and absolutely crippling any momentum or chance of closing gaps, without seemingly spontaneously combusting, even that still cost us a global tho but way better than the current shift nightmare.


I think in all fairness :smiley:

Most likely this is the “Honeymoon phase” for me , never having played druid before
really having a blast so far:D

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How do you heal full in bear form?

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I started doing some PvP again playing Sin Rogue and OMG I still find it funny how targets just die suddenly with sudden demise and Sin is supposed to be the rot spec? its miles better than Feral and waaaay wayy easier and you don’t even miss all the “healing” a hybrid is supposed to bring lol

I play sub and im having a blast.
Like everything just feels properly designed.
Like someone actually sat on a chair and designed rogue.
Feral is like… 2 stoners debated which goes where and rolled DnD dice to decide how many points it will take you to take your major abilities.
-Ahm, Paul ?
-Yes, Fred?
-Can you pass me the joint, a beer and tell me what you think about this briliant i dea that i got - so berserk will do nothing special for 5 expansions but we will put it on 3 min cd, and after we gonna lock it behind 4 talent points?
-Wow, Fred, you’re a genius, Fred.
-And it gets better, you need to pick up Soothe EVERY. TIME.
-Wow, Fred, can I try one too ?
-Sure, fam you got this!
-So uhm, remember when ferals we’re a proper melee spec and they didnt have to cast anything ?
-Yuh ?
-Well how about … Cyclone is no longer baseline.
-I hear you.
-And… its locked behind 3 points of useless talents…
-You got this. Preach!
-and then we make it so, you no longer get instant casts for it, so players will have to get out of cat form and cast it!
-Holy shlt, Fred.
-And here comes the best part: We give semi-instant casts proc of Cyclone to Boomkins instead
-Fred, puffs from joint you learnin from the best.


I dunno, just want a function specc that doesnt feel frustrating as hell x_x blizz pls

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