Do you enjoy arms in 10.2?

hi guys,

do you recommend arms for pvp/pve?

do you think it’s fun or could it be better in your opinion?

lkm cheers

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Arms is very strong atm but i find it extremely boring to play personally, Fury on the other hand is under the radar n its slapping! limited utility in arena but its absurdly tanky n downright unfair in bg´s n wPvP! with setbonus i´ve been able to throw some disturbingly strong bloodthirsts.

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Arms feels like half a class, Fury feels like im hitting things with wet noodles and they playstyle feels awful in comparison to like fury in wotlk, that’s what I wish we had something closer to

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Then you´re doing something very wrong on both! I havent played arms at all in DF so i dont know how it plays anymore but having been on the reciving end on multiple occasions arms absolutely slaps, same for fury.

Got tier set? 2p is fantastic on fury n really lays down the hammer. I dont get why not more people play fury even. With fury you´re probally just looking for big numbers, do keep in mind that fury slaps with both weapons so look at total damage n not the single numbers.

I think there is, where your sentence should end

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arms feel clunky af, none of the buttons you press feel satisfying and engaging. everything feels like filler abilities


Im playing fury which is objectively worse than arms atm, if that wasnt the case, guess what? people would fotm reroll fury.

If arms was bad it wouldnt have as high playrate as it does. Are you suggesting arms does too low damage? The reason i dont play it myself is because when i decided to drop my dk in favor of my warrior i went with fury instead of arms because arms was giga meta n im fundamentally against fotm rerolling.

It’s just your 2 posts are contradicting each other :smiley:

To reply to OP, it’s fun in raid being able to switch between Multi & Single Target talents. In M+ it feels like it’s missing a bit due to a talent tree that is mined with inconsistencies & the lack of support talents (yes I can take shockwave sure, but loose too much in the process when I’m already fighting to not be bottom 3 every time…)

I think the damage of Bladestorm in PvE is too low considering that you lose the ability to kick/cc during bladestorming. You lose so much doing this and get so little in return.

Most arms warriors though seem to play fervor build anyway in M+

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Ever since they made arms be about bleeds the spec has felt clunky and not satisfying.

Condemn during SL was fun because of the big hits but that shortlived and we’re back to noodle swings and bleeds.

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This season we don’t use a bleed build though even if our tier set looks like it

Still feels clunky even if the 4set is aimed in the right direction.

Both warrior dps specs need a rework imo.

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With that logic you´re not allowed to have any input what so ever about a spec you havent played.

Arms has played the exact same way for over a decade, by “i dont know how it plays anymore” it refers to details such as talents, tierset n what not, not fundamental basic gameplay thats remained unchanged. Arms doesnt appeal to me in the slightest because it always had a very slow phased gameplay n currently it spends half the game spinning like a moron which doesnt appeal to me in the slighest. Outside of losing CC immunity im glad they removed that ability from fury.

I’ve never played Arms, but I enjoy Fury and in the past many years ago I played Prot on another character and that was a lot of fun.

But from a Fury point of view, it is a lot of fun, but there is no harm in trying them both out and see what you personally enjoy. Check out videos on YouTube of people playing both in PvE & PvP.

Been away from the game for a long time, had a lot of opinions based on casual play hadn’t done any M+ or raids. Now I’ve cleared the raid on normal twice, I got keystone master and I also have the 4 set now.

I think Arms is generally really good and it has some nice strengths but it’s ruined by some limitations…

Bladestorm not being cancellable with Hurricate is pure grief, there is no other word for it, it’s just terrible. The AOE build which you’d probably run on fortified weeks suffers from this locked in Bladestorm issue, where it’s awesome for trash but really not great for bosses (and that’s made a lot worse because you can’t cancel BS). The single target build would be fantastic if it also had Bladestorm built in. Alternatively you can play the Fervor build, which has a dumb playstyle, situationally strong based on stacks making it weird, which is annoying again.

The single target build is great, othing particularly magical or special about it and it’s a bit spammy but it works alright, it just lacks a baseline Bladestorm, and I think that’s the issue. Arms should have Bladestorm baseline and be cancellable, and the rest of the build can still be tailored towards single or multi target as fit.

It’s close to being good, but the available points don’t leave a lot of room for utility if you want to maximise dps, and there is too much of a trade off for getting a hybrid between single/multi, not to mention Bladestorm not being cancellable.

A decade ago was Mists of Pandara

In Mists of Pandaria Arms had 20 second cooldown on Colossus Smash and spammed Heroic Strike off of GCD, Bladestorm was baseline. Arms in MOP played nothing like it does now.

Current Arms is based on Battle For Azeroth Arms, so 5 years ago. Has some aspects from Legion like Executioner’s Precision, but the gameplay is nothing like it otherwise.

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I recommend to you trying out the juggernaut build. Its strong in ST and AE and really competetive without BS.

That’s just the standard single target build, that I have been playing in raids anyway, it’s really not great on AOE, it’s good for cleave. Compared to the bladestorm or fervor builds the AOE is nowhere in this spec, and it’s less flexible with timings and pulls because you need to sweep CS over to do meaningful damage, you have no real burst AOE, you lack Bladestorm to spread deep wounds to a large number of targets.

If we’re talking about Arms as a spec, this is a weakness because this is really a heavily 1-2 target focused build, with very limited splash AOE compared to other classes, and that’s combined with the fact that Arms outside of Execute is really lacking, which is why it’s one of the weakest classes in the raid (where this ST build is used on every boss, because the ST trade off is too high in Bladestorm builds).

For Arms to be good it would need Bladestorm as a baseline, to be cancellable for gameplay reasons, and to be able to spec out a full dps build with some freedom to swap to more utility. With the current design it sacrifices damage to get utility when the damage profile and output is very limited to begin with.

Well if that is the ST specc you raid with, you raiding with the wrong spec. It may Not be dh or outlaw, bm damage, but i easily burst still 1.3 m + in big packs and going out the dungeon between 300-400K while having good bossdmg. There are only dh, bm and outlaw overcoming me and i dont even got the legendary wepon. Arms still suffers from a bad talent tree but its not as bad as you Are stating it is. At least until mid 20 range.

No I’m not, I literally copy pasted it from the rank 1 parser directly from warcraft logs, which is the same build listed under “juggernaut” in the WoWhead guide written by Archi, so I think you’re the one confused here. Juggernaut is a talent, there are many ways you can build a spec using it.

And how is Arms not as bad as I state it is? You realise nobody ran it for world first progression, it’s the bottom spec in the game statistically when filtering for “max” at all percentiles and is in bottom 4 at 99% for raids, it’s nowhere

In M+ it’s in the bottom half of specs and effectively doesn’t exist at the top keys.

The design of the talent trees doesn’t allow enough freedom for utility without compromising dps and the single target/aoe builds are very specialised, with the highest sustain AOE build being the ridiculously dumb WW spam Fervor build.

I checked your logs for Galakrond Fall yesterday, the DH that beat you with worse gear completely annihilated you on total, and on boss damage, while he parsed lower than you did, and you’re generally parsing very well in M+.

The peak dps isn’t really relevant, because you peaked at nearly 700k over a 10 second period at your highest point in the dungeon, while Bladestorm Warriors are sustaining that over a much longer period and peaking much higher, at a sacrifice to their single target potential, either way you cook it, you’re coming up short on WCL class rankings.

In the end all that matters is the statistics when looking at performance, but when talking about design, the issues are plain to see. Bladestorm not being cancellable is ridiculous, and Bladestorm not being a baseline Arms ability is a mistake.

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I mean what do you expect when Rampage, an ability Fury warriors literally can not function without can be skipped in our talent trees? That Thunderclap still uses rage, even when you pick it on fury. If they really thought that people will gravitate to Thunder clap over Rampage as main rage spender, I have no idea what to say.

It was very obvious that something is off with warrior talents and general design of a class from the first day of Dragonflight, but as other specs and classes got their small and large reworks, the situation with warriors became painful.

What worries me is the fact that they seemingly do not plan to change anything anytime soon.

I wrote in another comment, but if our current talent tree meets whatever they are planing for the Warrior Hero System in War Within, it will crash and burn in a spectacular way.