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Even 99.99999% chance it’ll be announced

Hello, i have questions about the future development of WoW Classic & WoW TBC.
Will you merge the API of TBC with Shadowlands, and if current Classic server still exists, will it have an upgraded API with real spell cast and buffs/debuffs time.

Currently addon authors use various techniques to circumvent limitations added to the API, it’d be nice if next classic/tbc version have better parity with retail.

reading is hard i guess


I already asked several times on these forums. But I can sum it up here:

When are you going to make Classic really Classic?
Foir me it’s all those small, immersive details that were different in Vanilla, often they were a nuissance, but it was part and parcel of what Vanilla was.

  • When will you follow up on naming policies on PR realms?
  • When will we get dark nights back in Classic?
  • When will you remove golden Quest helper arrows popping up in Classic?
  • When will you remove the ability to stay mounted aboard ships in Classic?
  • When will you remove that dastard artifical latency that make me buy too many mats?
  • When will ‘open map’ once again close your bags?
  • When will you remove stacking mail, red open all mail button, get off mount arrow …
  • When will we have competent, understanding and helpful GMs back?

in short when will you correct all those small and not so small bugs that make Classic not so Vanilla-like.

Wrong thread, check the link in the opening post.
But anyway…

My guess is “never”, because these are great features.

Ah Thank you.

My questions were meant to be rhetorical mostly. I suspect the answer for all of them is: never.

But then why implement something that people who wants them can have via addons - or why not make an option to deactivate them like the in-game clock? Does that actually hurt anyone?
To me they are NOT great features

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. I’m over #nochanges especially after playing a holy paladin in classic. Of all the things to criticize Classic about you picked thing that don’t matter and don’t affect anything. The “artificial latency” was added in to more closely replicate the Vanilla experience. I hope no one picks these question to answer, because I think only a very small number of players cares more about these things than any other issue in the game.

We can all only speak for ourselves - and partly for the ones we know in game.
I’m still a Paladin for the #nochange cause. But as I said, my questions are more an ironic listing of all the small things that bothers me every single day.
They matter to me, and probably the things that matter to you, won’t matter as much to me. It’s a question of immersion.
What are your things?

Why do you not inform a person as to reason they are kicked from Dungeon. Happened me recently when doing top dps as hunter, only attacking mobs pulled by Tank. 3 lines in chat 1 ?, 2 Caza, 3 ?. Suddenly kicked whilst killing boss. How can I know what I have done wrong if I am not informed

get off mount by making a macro /dismount.

I think it is a bit overkill asking the whole WoW dev team this question :wink:

Are the plans for Classic+ completely scrapped?

Will you continue with “no changes” philosophies? or you are thinking of adding some stuff like race/faction change or maybe… dual spec?

Is it possible for a few fresh servers to be released with TBC Classic? Some people will be coming to TBC who haven’t been on Classic.

Thank you for all of your hard work :slight_smile:

Funny, did you actually read the first post?


How will you deal with bots in Tbc?

If you’re just a tad inattentive … the next line actually says

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Confused? You won’t be after the next episode of … whatever.

How do the bots fit into the lore? #redshirtguy