Do you have to RP on Argent Dawn?

Which one is it: there is RP but it’s scarce, or there isn’t?

Also the number isn’t really something that matters for my argument. Just -if- there is a community.

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on this server cluster you see four or more RP guilds that have been recruiting in the last month, two of those guild sporting 100+ members, the third 90+ and the other 50+.

Even assuming that most are alts (let’s say 4/5 of the guilds?) that’s easily more than 60 people. And this is counting only the guilds that have been active on their forums in the last month.

Seems like you’re the one making stuff up huh.

Those servers seem pretty much dead.
At least a lost cause with few tryna scrape together what’s left.
Everybody came to AD 'cause… yea.

I think most people came to AD because AD just had a better offer in terms of quantity, and usually that implies quality too.

This was likely the major downfall for these servers, what mutilated the population: a bigger, more popular and populated server. (akin to what happens with migration from small cities to a metropolis)

It wasn’t harassment and number imbalance that made RP impossible, how could these people keep their community going for so long? Clearly it was other factors.

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Tbf I’m willing to believe the servers were abandoned for mixed reasons;
Mainly because AD grew and people wanted to be on the most popular server.
Slightly because people gave up and mainly did OOC content?
Harassment… I’m not sure happened as a main factor, personally speaking, that is.
It’s possible it could’ve been a source of people leaving? Possibly not.
Nobody knows -for sure- why -most- people left, though some probably did leave from harassment.

Thought about this a bit over the last few days and honestly, I think the whole ‘people look down on role-players so people stop role-playing’ thing is just a bit odd. I’ve always seen roleplaying as a niche hobby and so do a lot of other people but it’s never stopped me or any of my friends in any part of the community from wanting to role-play.

Someone making fun of us for doing something inherently nerdy just isn’t really something that registers because… well, we’re nerds. We play WoW, which is already a niche hobby.

Majority of people I’ve spoken with don’t RP on Argent Dawn anymore because they either find elements of the RP community toxic OR they’ve quit role-playing on AD because they’ve quit wanting to pay for a sub to role-play on a game they’re not enjoying.

Do feel as if the ‘ooc players takin’ muh space!’ thing, while maybe cumbersome to the immersion of some, is not ultimately what’s going to destroy role-playing in this community.


Yeah, okay.

But then you see this:

And this:



He really does not help his case when the first two threads speak of the realm being dead a and ask about a merge with AD haha.

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It’s not about RPers feelings being hurt, it’s about a non-RP majority normalising not RPing on a RP server.

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The total activity of the server is not relevant. The point is exactly to prove that there is a small RP community, not that the server has big numbers.

If anything it furthers proves that nonRPers aren’t that bad as their absence is cause of discomfort.

AD is probably ur best choice then if u dont want a dead server.

AD is the best server if you want to RP, if not, there are plenty of other servers that are also full.

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if u wanna play ally and on a not toxic realm there isnt any other server only other high/full pop realms are full of toxicity

if you roll on an RP realm with the explicit intent to not RP at all you’re as silly as someone trying to buy a car at a bike store
and if everyone flees a ‘toxic’ realm to go to a ‘non toxic’ realm that realm will just become toxic


not really RP realms have a good AH for certain things and ppl are generally less toxic on RP realms.

And lets say u just wanna chill on alliance with casual raiding then AD would still be a good choice sure there are more guilds on other realms but there is a decent amount of casual guilds here

And who is everyone? Not every single person will leave a server just cuz its toxic

First of all RP realms are made for rpers, second I’ve seen plenty of toxic coming from non rpers often when I advertise my guild on alliance general or trade channels.

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In this context everyone who came to AD without the intent to RP at all ever
And don’t go down the ‘you expect rp 24/7?’ route, that’s been answered too a million times before
(wiped it had to rewrite)

Price gouging because RPers want certain looks?

Pretty much, why I left to other servers AH for cheaper mogs.

yea and without non rp ppl there server will end up like the sha’tar

i havent seen any myself but ofc that doent mean it isnt happening

:clown_face: kinda toxic but okay

ig i dont use the AH on AD much myself since i prefer making gold that isnt very profitable on AD


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