Do you think it's good that Microsoft is buying Activision/Blizzard?

Will WoW get better or worse?


better! And we got tons of games for our sub


we will see :smiley:


Yeah that will be great

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It has the potential to get better, but we’ll have to wait and see. A change is something we can definitely expect. But just remember there are projects underway at the moment which are work in progress, those projects will either continue or get cancelled depending. So it will take time for a real change in direction to be apparent.

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I wouldn’t explicit say so, since Halo Infinite is heavily monatized in case cosmetics… But it is for sure good that AT LEAST SOMEONE is now in charge ABOVE Activision-Blizzard.

Can’t get any worse based on the last few years, can it?


Game can’t get any worse , right ?


Can’t wait for the Paper-Clip pet for my Hunter…


Game always can get worse. They can prune it more, they can adjust it for Controllers, they can do a lot of things.

Game is far from rockbottom where it can end up.

It can also be good though. They have now one of the biggest budgets available to them so we’ll see.

The only thing that could have saved WoW was seeing it change hands, it’s changing hands. We won’t see anything major for a while, but for once, a shred of optimism has appeared.


It can’t be worse than current acti-blizzard I suppose. I don’t expect miracles though, it is time for wait and see approach.

I think it’s good for Activision Blizzard to be part of Microsoft. What we’ve seen with the recent lawsuit is that major change needed to happen. This is that, I think.

I think it’s good for WoW as a product, because it will likely be part of Microsoft’s eco-system and thus become easily accessible to far more players.

I’m not sure if it’s good for Blizzard Entertainment. They’re used to being in the spotlight and having freedom and a certain arrogance to design at their own leisure. But now they’re just one of many under Microsoft’s umbrella, and they’re going to get weighed and measured far more in the general gaming market than they have been used to within their own little dedicated fanbase.
I think the expectation from Microsoft is that Blizzard Entertainment will bend to fit, and not the other way around. So that whole: “When it’s ready” is likely going to be re-written to: “When the next generation of consoles is ready”
They’re going to have to get in line with the program. And that might hurt their identity a bit – that which makes Blizzard distinct and their games special.

For players I think it’ll be good in the short term for sure.
It’s stability to get some new leadership to handle whatever the recent mess can be described as.
Value-wise we’re likely also going to get more bang for our buck, because the Xbox Game Pass is a far better deal than a mere WoW subscription ever was.
In the long term I’m less certain. It’s generally bad when the market competition shrinks and the major companies gobble up the smaller ones. You lose diversification and price wars and alternatives to these juggernauts like Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo and EA and so on. Like the tech market, it’s hard to get around Google and Facebook and Amazon.

So it’s a mixed bag. But I’m hopeful and happy about it right now, I think.


Before celebrating to soon… the next expansion will have been under way for some time. So we should be realistic that the next expansion is gonna be some mixed ogre child of blizzard and Microsoft at best.


Yeah I don’t think we’ll reap and rewards for a long time yet. It depends how Microsoft’s going to govern Act-Blizz. They have a reputation for letting game studios do their own thing in general. One thing for sure though, Phil Spencers not a fan of Bobby at all, bet he’s sweating a bit.

Not sure how bad Microsoft are for deadlines, budgets etc. Could drastically improve the game, or vice versa. Potentially a much brighter future for us though, in these very dark times.


This comment alone made me imagine that Microsoft will probably force a Halo-Reference into WoW…

I don’t know about vice versa. WoW is basically at rock bottom, can’t really get much worse.

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Also keep in mind that the deal is not to take place before sometime in 2023 - in the article they also said that Bobby Kotick will stay on s CEO untill the full aquisition has been done by microsoft. After that everyone answers to Phil Spencer - which in my eyes is good news :smiley:

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They Delayed Halo Infinite for 1 entire Year to make the campaign good and responses from the playerbase confirm, it is good.

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Yep Halo Infinite was probably the best fps i played in years due to so few bugs and servers was stable when i played it. The bad thing about Halo Infinite was the battle pass system but at least they are changing that.