Does anyone even enjoy playing Feral? (pvp)

Honest question.
I mained feral for a decade, i was addicted to this spec and quite loyal to it despite its issues, after DF came out i feel the most literal disgust when I log in it, it just is unbearable.
Theres not a single time I logout from it with a positive feeling, like i cant even describe how frustrated, angry and dissapoited I am in this class design team.

Like Blizzard, i know you cant at this point.
So I also got tired of clinging to hope, after years and months of waiting for you to come with a proper design for this class i finally give up.

I got no dignity to join the meta-chasers so Im not gonna run another class, im not gonna respec.
Ill do what I do everytime i dont enjoy the game- unsub.

Really poor incompetent job.
Favouring simplistic classes and punishing classes that require effort to play is such an absurd thing, yet quite typical for Blizzard Entertainment.



I also mained feral with no alts basically since joining retail in end of WoD because I hated leveling but also enjoyed druid and its playstyle but my experience has been the feral is always the underdog both in PvE and PvP. PvE feral shined mostly in pure ST fights where you are allowed to tunnel but with raids rarely having those ST fights made that feral is not a desired spec not to mention you always compete with boomy which historically is always better than feral. Not even going to mention M+ lol.
In PvP it felt always as feral you have to give double effort to get the same reward as other specs a d through xpacs feral lost its advantages to others because everyone got more mobility and healing but feral did get 0 compensation… actually made worse with the removal of second SI and also being punished for being “hybrid”…
This xpac I decided to level alts for the first time mainly for learning purposes I even played boomy for the first time.

In conclusion it just sucks because feral gets no dev focus due to being a niche spec which makes it even more niche and the vicious cycle continues… I mean you can already see it for next xpac with the bland “hero” talents for feral/resto tree… all focus made for resto and then slap boring stuff for feral.


I love playing feral. I’ve even got over my dislike of being forced to play Feral Frenzy this season (and next). I’m not doing meta dps level of damage, but I’m doing plenty for keys in the upper-mid 20s.

Is there stuff that needs work? Absolutely. Out survivability needs to be seriously looked at (although I’ve got round that by using the Fyrakk tank trinket in keys), and the mess that’s the class tree needs a complete rework.

Feral is still fun to play, same as it always was.

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cba with your pve larp.
im talking about pvp and by the looks of it you havent played rated pvp since shadolands where u peaked at 1.6 on your DH while your druid has all time peak of 800 rating so what are you even trying to communicate to me- a lifelong feral?
that im wrong and youre objectively right with your druid of a few months?

Not a single mention of pvp in your post.

And I cba with your pvp nonsense.

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You know fully well that im a pvp player, you respond to all of my threads all the fricking time and now you gonna deflect the same way you always do"bohoo i didnt knew u speak about pvp" like PvE would make me quit my main, are you serious?
Just see yourself out.

If you want to talk exclusively about pvp, SAY SO in your threads and I won’t have to come along here and answer on behalf of all the people who don’t know who you are or what you’re talking about. I’ve said that several times in the past, and the only reason I can see why you don’t do it is because you’re actively seeking conflict.

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I’ve been a devout feral ever since switching from resto back in TBC. Came back to the game in August after a 2 year break, lasted a few weeks as feral and as a last gasp attempt to find a reason to still play the game, I went Guardian for the first time ever.

Never known the spec to be so useless (PVP that is, can’t speak for how it is in PVE). The ratio of squishiness compared to the damage you put out in the same time is literally insane and the talent trees are headache inducing.

Kiting is a thing of the past as you can’t get away from anything any more and it seems like pretty much everybody else has all kinds of get out of jail free cards while feral defensives are as useful as rash cream for a shark bite.

We’ll have our day in the sun again, when the cycle comes back round and some other class ends up the one in the shadows. Why it always has to be like this I’ll never understand but that’s how it always has been.


Im actively seeking conflict?
Youre way too opinionated for someone of your caliber.
Man your confidance is not even adequate, why do you think your opinion matters so much, even if this was a pve thread, you play feral for a few months, and you toss your opinion at a frustrated veteran who just quit their main. What did you think is gonna happen ?
Sit down and stop being so entitled , feral is a clunky spec that doesnt go above C+ tier.
You telling me from your 3 months of gameplay that feral is a hot mess and im wrong after all of the feral mains bailed on their main and openly say its not, speaking of multiglads like Tonycat and Snupy.

Does anyone even enjoy playing Feral?

no i dont, Axtin also made a good point, does anyone know if it´s allowed to mirror a thread from the us forum?

Look at this gameplay here, how can this be fun ? :sob:`

everyone who thinks, that the current gameplay is fun and nice should stop writing nonsense.

rating bash, m+ bash makes also zero sense like

“i know someone who made r1, or top 10 m+ with it”

funfact these r1 guys are complaining about the current state too

and there is a difference between VIABLE and Fun, if a class is Viable, it does not mean “ITS FUN”

and to play around wild attunement is the most toxic frustrating unfun gameplay it has ever been, and i play feral since late mop/wod

played it in retail classic wotlk too, and it was fun. so i think the same counts for cata and early mop.

Feral is unfun in so many things when it comes to pvp

in pve the only problem what i have is, that we have to play around tigerfury resset cd after we killed a target, so we can manage our bad energy regg, so we can continue to spam our spells (this shows how bad this class is designed energy management wise)

and it is bad, how u have to battleress someone in a m+, at higher keys when your healer dies, it feels so bad to ress him.

it is okay in pve, i wouldnt say fun, legion feral felt more fun, and less braindead aoe spaming in m+.

but in pvp this class is litteraly a punching bag what feels illegal to play

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Why can’t you talk about both in a Druid section of the forums? Both PvE and PvP are applicable here, as far as I am aware.

Personally, I enjoy Feral playstyle and would also like to see buffs to the spec. I don’t PvP, but it’s been painful to watch Feral PvP in AWCs where their HP is like a yo-yo swinging up and down, and the gameplay being around trying to get Cyclones for free Feral Frenzies.

I’m only playing Feral because I dislike the playstyle of Balance more, otherwise I’d be a Boomie again and Feral is indeed fun to play in PvE, just undertuned and squishy.

Yes, the devs also do it for feedback, but they forgot to do so with the feedback for Hero Talents this time. :wink:

EU forums have always been the ‘ugly duckling’ of the two, not sure if they even really do look at or consider EU posts anyway.

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numbers dont bother me, actual gameplay is utter garbo.
cba for pve, u can always survive a pve meta, not the same in pvp, if you aint viable you just dont make it, even if you make your own groups, which is something u can do in pve if youre lower tier.
Clunkiness is present in every second ability of ferals, for example Rake Stun still bugs out if you do it too quickly.
Brutal Slash is capped.
Swiftmend requires a hot.
Feral Frenzy costs me 5 seconds, 2 of which is me being globaled, and 3 to actually heal while being locked in Bear Form.
There many abilities like Karma, Mind Games that you got no answer to while every other class has. Whats with that, like i got bleeds on the target, he drops me Karma and i got no other choice but to take that extra damage, i got no bubble, no cloak, no burrow, my bleeds keep thicking and karma keeps ticking too.
Feral is also the only class that cant bypass dodge, so if im hit with fists of fury i cant interrupt it, same goes for any ability that gives 100% dodge or parry, and thing is in the past i could kyte but today melee classes are literal glue.
Another thing about mobility is that there are channeling abilities that constantly reapply their slow effect which totally counters my powershifting, whats up with that?
Ferocious bite costs 25 energy yet it hits like a noodle if you usd it at 25 energy and not at 50 energy. Whats with that ?
Theres no other opener except for Rake, Shred doing 0 dmg, rogues teleport to target everytimr they do Shadowstrike from stealth for example.
Speaking of stealth, ferals are the only ones who got no restealth of the stealth classes.
Most of the cooldowns are too long and too underwelming and clunky, why is Heart of the wild 5 minutes ? Survival Instincts is 3 minutes and let me remind you what it does> 50% dmg reduction for 4 secs. in comparison all melees got some sort of physical or/and magicsl immunity, rogues, dhs got 100% dodge on 1-2 min cd (with vanish reducing the cooldown to 1.3), warriors and palas got 100% parry and so on.
Bear form is a total joke, as it is its Frenzied Regen healing.
So is our self/offhealing.
like help me understand Dampening man, i enter the arena, a heavily limited space , my traits are mobility as in kyting and offheaing and just by entering the arena im already at dissadvantage in both my main traits. i dont see hunters range being lowered in arena, or paladins duration of immunities beimg lowered, or rogues burst ticking lower by 1% every second,
so why is this so stupid im already C tier , im hit with another healing debuff and limited kyting space just for entering the arena.
Mobility- we had a great mobility, now we dont, were so squishy were even forced to drop the 15% movement speed talent to get something defensive. Along with the fact that if youre kyting u are globaled and cant do anything while the other classes just press an immunity offglobal and catch up with no problem and they can even woop you while chasing you as youre globaled and theyre not.
I also love how were the only melee that has 1 single charge.
And last but not least the insane amounts of talent points that go in heavily underwhelmimg traits that are mandatory yet you wont be using them is just mind numbing.
Some of the talents are on the same node for no good reason too Incap and Bash.
There should be many spells and traits to br baseline like Incap roar, Thorns, Clone, Hibernate, MS effect.
And final word about the talents I literally gotta swap into ultra specific builds for each encounter when I play arenas, which often are with drastically different playstyles too.
Which also implies that if you join a battleground u cant be prepared for what is to come for theres no way to tightly spec into thing resulting in you lacking heavily.

So yeah sorry for not having a very structured response but there you go, thats the state of feral, jack of no traits and master of none.

I’m no longer raiding like I used to so I can express my thoughts from “filthy casual” point of view, someone who has limited time to play.

My biggest problem is with spec fantasy which is not there, visuals seem very outdated and in all this visual clutter and shiny animations other specs have I feel like that Hunter’s cat (pet) in vanilla that was just petting the enemy with tiny paw. There is no cool dodging or any interaction with this mechanic that seems thematic for “agile cat”, mobility is kind of meh because game is designed around short bursts of high mobility cooldowns which feral does not really have, I think tiger dash should be baseline (dash should just go…) and wild charge just a single talent.
I play feral only because moonkin is even more squishy which is, given historical circumstances of moonkin form, crazy. There have been option presented to Devs, ranging from passive healing spells auto casting (they are dead talents now) to things like 100% dodge when shapeshifting, like what are we doing here? All solutions are available.
Spec is also missing pure direct damage focus like it used to have, it’s a melee ramp up moonkin and most abilities hit like a wet noodle.

So no, I don’t really enjoy it, it just fastest spec of all 4 to do solo content so I’m stuck with it, besides that I play resto/guardian for minimal queue times.


I just hope you wont be gatekeeping any feedback this time?
Like last xpac beta you were here trolling anyone giving feedback and how feral is the perfect spec? how did that turn out?

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Post evidence for your claims, please.

I don’t care about your ‘multiglads’ any more than you care about M+ players or mythic raiders.

Yeah, its OK currently, as I said. Your definition of fun is clearly not the same as mine, but compared to every other melee spec, I find feral more fun. (Right up to the point where the fun is spoiled by being squishy, which I’ve already posted about in multiple places (with proposed solutions, which is more than the pvp whiners have offered).

Where? Since you know where I claimed ‘feral is the perfect spec’ during beta, I’m sure you will have no difficulty quoting me. I’m happy to wait…

MDI season one for starters.
Feral was busted in AOE at the start of DF, and it needed nerfs. Unfortunately, they went overboard.

Consider me yawning your daily dose of attention im willing to give you.

You don’t have evidence to back up your claims about me? Of course not.
And if you’re willing to make up lies about me, it makes the truth of everything else you say questionable.

bro what lies, you got 1.6 rating xp on a 4 button class and your druid barelly has stepped into pvp. Get off the thread you’re genuinely annoying.

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blah blah pvp blah blah

But at least you’ve managed to edit the thread title now. Maybe you’ll manage to put pvp in your titles in future and save me the bother of of interacting with your threads.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :slight_smile:

Glad that you admit on being disruptive on purpose.