Double Honor and Darkmoon Faire Coming to Pre-patch

Lol fail. 2x of nothing is still nothing.


It’s good that they are at least addressing this. Although I still feel let down since it was presented as a viable option for weeks beforehand & then all of a sudden it was taken away.

I wouldn’t mind grinding if I had the actual time to do so.

I personally think the honor would be fine if we had the actual capacity to farm it out in a larger time frame.

It’s funny because that night before the hotfix I thought I’d take an early night and only did a bit of PVP, so I come on the next day and see people walking around with a full set they got in one night & to catchup have to work 10x as hard for the same result.

I think that double is still not very good but at least it’s better and definitely a move in the right direction. if possible I’d suggest some boosts to HK in order to ramp up honor gain.

Only double… DOUBLE. Are you having a laugh. This is a game, not a comedy channel. Surely you can up it by 4x the current amount. Doubling it isnt going to do anygood seeing as we are going to lose alot of days to get all the items we need/want.

This along with no information of when the restart is happening so im gonna say Tuesday. C’mon, what the hell. Pre-patch as yous know should be fun. If you kept an actual eye on the servers and how people are you would see how much fun everyone was having at the prosperity of getting items for their toons that could be useful in the dungeon grinds upon opening of the Dark Portal.

On behalf of the WoW Community, I am pleading, do more than doubling the honor. Quadruple the amount please. Its not hard to do as in 2 weeks you could do whatever you want with it as there wont be as much people caring about it then.


Yep, just like people get free welfare benefits in real life.

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If you read the post again you’ll know its not coming tuesday

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So when will this be effective on europe realms ?

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When is server restart?

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It’s not free though because you still have to grind for the marks & honor?

But I understand how it could seem easy in comparison and it might seem frustrating to offer a relatively easy way to gear.

To all the people that are siding with blizzard on this and claiming that people want free gear - do you realize that all this gear will be obsolete in 2 weeks? They nerfed the honor per kill way too much in addition to bonus honor, and also 1/3 of the prepatch time means at least x3 honor should be granted. I am 100% sure that these guys are just either pve pepegas or people who grinded rank 14 in p6. Either way you disgust me.


True. Turn of the 21st century has saw every generation thereafter want stuff easier and faster and video games followed suit. Why do you think all the changes to WoW happened over the years that people dislike, because the people playing the game changed, now everything has to be super fast and easy to attain in game otherwise people will kick off because they are so accustomed to having everything fast in real life.

The main issue is that they set the expectations when they released prepatch.
allot of people set a goal they cant reach anymore, aka disappointment.

Also many people might bought a boost know they could gear it with pvp wich they cant anymore

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I completely understand & I don’t think the game should cater to the players in certain aspects and make it easy and it should be a grind to get the gear.

It’s more that it was offered as a way to do so and was right up until the prepatch hotfix.
Rather than it not being easy. It’s more of it being reasonably achievable in the first place.

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The amount of copium being inhaled in this thread is insane…

2x on 10% of the orginal prepatch honor is still sh!t.

Grats guys! insteed of it taking 60h nonstop of perfect queues and gameplay to farm the honor needed for your r14 2h or 2x 1h you now only have to play 30h!

And to the people saying “we get extra honor from the weekly bg” you’ll sill be locked into that specific bg and loosing out on the marks you need.
Keep in mind that the prepatch is only 2weeks, so we don’t even get all 3 of the bg’s in the rotation…

This is the equivilant of blizzard dumping us in the middle of the atlantic ocean only to come back 1 day later and give us a foam noodle for security and wishing us good luck.

Either fix it right or leave it be, this is just pathetic


And realm restarts are stated ingame to be tomorrow the 22nd… TOMORROW… jesus!
Funny how the nerf could be hotfixed within minutes but this will take a day…


Realm restart was 8 min ago. Nothing changed. So either its tomorrow or we have a bug here?


game didnt restarted no msg how 8mina go?

This is beyond retarded. Like fixing a cut off limb by putting a band-aid on it. You will still have 100+ marks that will need to be deleted before you can even manage to get a hold of the 2h weapon. How is that even good game design? By that logic, and if the honor to marks discrepancy is so high, why even have the marks at all? Just require the honor and be done with it. You guys are completely out of touch with reality and the way even a basic game mechanic like currency should work.

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The irony of people saying that we “cry babies” want free gear for no effort is that this gear was easily obtained back in the real pre-patch, which these people also probably don’t know was even a thing.

Here is a link to the US forum that proves that we got much more honor from Honorable Kills back in the real pre-patch:

How we REALLY got our TBC honor (with sources) - WoW Classic / The Burning Crusade Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

Completely ignored the fact that we still don’t have our actual PvP Titles from the last week in Classic


Dont let them get away with this incompetence. Check the US Forums, same name of the post. This is still nowhere near the original prepatch, they are not even trying to apologize from not doing the required due diligence, and they still won’t deal with the issue.

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