Draenei heritage questline

It has been a week so I no longer care for spoilers, and I have not seen any thread on this here, which I find as a pitty, becouse the questline was great, I did it 3 times now. (Link is older) and it’s huge W for Draenei RP.


To me personally the most impactful was the very end of this quest line. Namely, Velen’s parting words. “This marks the ne beginning for all of the Eredar.”

Draenei means “The Exiled Ones”. And since they are no longer exiled, no longer on the run, and are bent on creating a new home on the ashes of their exile, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to assume that Draenei might soon drop their adopted name and return to their true one.

Surprisingly the same might happen to the Blood Elves. The term Sin’dorei came to be with the “Lament of the Highborne” 2000 years ago during Troll wars.

The devastation to Quel’thalas was similar to the one to that Scourge wrought. But Thalassians rebuilt it and restored their former glory. Possibly they did name themselves Blood Elves during those dark times and returned to being High Elves once the threat was over.

Same might happen again and we will have two TBC races that may change their name.


Never tought about it this way. Altought I am not really fond if for Draenei, as I read (Maybe I am wrong) that the word Eredar became a slur in Draenei tongue. The taint can’t just dissapear becouse Velen said so, especially from the minds of younger generations, who pretty much don’t know the word in different way then as a slur and associating it with their worst enemy.

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Indeed during the TBC Azuremyst questline when encountering injured Night Elves who are shocked at the sight of Draenei, thinking at first that Legion and Eredar have returned.

To which the Draenei npc spat on the ground and said “Eredar, that word meant something in the past.”

But notice how during the heritage quest line they are only named as Ma’nari, not as Eredar. Combined with Velen’s words word a larger picture shapes itself.

I always thought that at some point this might happen. Even thought of how they would name themselves.

Demons would remain as Ma’nari Eredar
Lighforged would be Sha’tari Eredar
And normal ones would be Mac’ari Eredar.

But since Mac’aree was retconned into Eredath the last option doesn’t count anymore.

If anything Eredar now might mean the general description of people from Argus who seperate into different subspecies. Like Lightforged and Krokuul. But together they all are Eredar.


I agree, I am just saying that the word Eredar can’t just lose the slur taint becouse Velen said so, but I am afraid Blizzard has forgotten there already. I am also afraid that they forgot what “Ma’nari” even mean. That word is pretty much an insult. I can understand Penitents using it for themselves as a sign of guilt, but the Legion aligned wouldn’t have refered to themselves as such, they would just use a simple “Eredar”, which is also the reason this word have the negative taint.
So if Draenei retake the word Eredar, we will have pretty much 2 different Eredars, who are making quite a huge distinction between each other. While Velen could have used it in that celebration to highlight new begining and no more exile, I don’t think it should became the name of the race, becouse Legion aligned Man’ari are pretty much still in majority and you don’t want to be associated with them.
And same pretty much goes for the Blood Elves, becouse there are still High Elves within the Alliance who have never dropped the name and there are differences, even if not hostility, between these two groups. You really can’t have two different groups, who are even conflict with each other, named by the same wor. That would just couse confusion.
I can see for the elves some reconciliation, but the goat people? I doubt the Penitents exceed number 20 and the rest of Man’ari keeps worshiping the main bad guy of this IP and will have to be culled to the last one, if it’s even possible.


Thamaat is not a Draenei custom it is an Eredar one. Heritage quest line made it quite clear. There were some of the Draenei that didn’t want to participate as it reminded them of too much pain.

But most of them were excited. So maybe if they longed so much for this Eredar custom, then maybe the name itself isn’t so bad to them as well.

Eredar in general were never as unitary in their behaviour as Elves for example. When looking at a single Blood Elf we can get a general view of an entire race. Eredar? Are compketely different from one another.

That is why they had to operate in a Triumvirate type of ruling body as opposed to a singular monarch custom. As one ruler coukd not embody the features of all the Eredar.

It is through this stark contrast of personalities the Eredar were able to reach the state of total utopia on Argus. A perfection that Sargeras himself desired to utilise as it was the only possible force in the Cosmos to subjugate volatile Demons.

Kil’jaeden was the wisdom, Archimonde was the might and Velen was the vision and faith.

After the fall of Argus, Sargeras got what he wanted. Eredar became the handlers of the Demons. But end result was not perfect. Because corrupt Eredar lacked the harmony of the Triumvirate.

Velen’s defiance deprived Sargeras of what would be an even deadlier Burning Legion had he remained with his brothers.

And thus both Draenei and Ma’nari became shadows of their former selves. There wereindividuals in both groups knew this.

And longed for what the other had believing that the other side is closer to being true Eredar and their former glory.

Even Kil’jaeden himself knew what Sargeras was about. He made the terrible choice, but as long as he had Velen close to him he knew that it was justified.

When Velen left and doomed his followers into millenia of exile and pursue by their vile kin. Kil’jaeden was left as an insecure tyrant who vented his frustration at the the likes of him. The other unconvinced Eredar who saw through Sargeras’ plan but were too afraid to oppose.

If Velen stayed then perhaps transition of an entire Eredar race would become much smoother. Instead it turned into massacre leaving both corrupt and exiled remnants nothing but echoes.

Draenei longed for Eredath and it’s pristine streets and buildings. But Ma’nari despised it and left to rot as it reminded them of the “Insignificant past” as Kil’jaeden called it.

So in a sense both Ma’nari and Draenei despised the word Eredar.

But both wanted to reclaim it.

Exarch Othaar was a powerful Draenei sorcerer who embodied the might and pride of the Eredar. He first saw the futility in Kil’jaeden’s ploy and threw his lot with the Velen believing that the latter will use his vision to restore their glory and punish the Ma’nari for their transgressions.

But instead he and the likes of him were relegated to become glorified key masters to Draenei cities. Mere bubble creators that were charged with making magical domes to hide their settlements from Legion’s gaze.

They were supposed rot and wait there like lambs for slaughter. It frustrated him as he felt betrayed, to the point where finally saw the truth in Sargeras, concluding that being a true and powerful Eredar wasto side with him.

And so Othaar became Socrethar.

There was Arzal’kal. A Ma’nari that had everything Othaar ever wanted. Might, power, ability to traverse the Cosmos and and reach the ends of creation. Conquered countless worlds, spilled seas of blood.

But it was not what Eredar were about. They were curious by nature and always dreamed to see beyond Argus. But but like this.

There were no people he could return to. No home, a true home, no society. Only conquest and military life.

He wanted everything that Othaar ever had.
And so Arzal’kal became Arzaal.

Eredar is more a concept now. One that was lost to all sobs and daughters of Argus.

Tishamaat is a way to restore it.

Some Draenei may despise the very word. But they do want to be in their hearts.


That was nice to read but I have never got the impression that the Eredar as a concept like this. The Man’ari maybe despised the past but they were still proudly annoucing themselves as Eredar. Not to mention that “Man’ari” is how the Draenei call them. You wouldn’t call yourself with such a word if you think you are in the right. The Penitents acknowledge they messed up so it’s alright.
We can still essentially call them all Eredar ofc.
Anyway, it wouldn’t be bad if Blizzard would expand upon this, but they will probably forget they wrote this and Draenei as a race will now fall to obscurity for a time before we get another update.


To me the Tishamaat and Om’riggor questlines are not only the two best heritage quests, but two of the best questlines Blizzard have ever put in. Initially I only did both in order to unlock various appearances, but ended up getting far more out of them. For the Tishamaat it not only gave me new ideas for characters, but serious inspiration to bulk up some of the draenei characters I already have. I’m so glad Blizzard got it right with this one.


Calling themselves “Exiled Ones” Also is pointless. If not for the fact Velen said that it is about time they stopped mourning the loss of Argus and built a new home on the ashes of their exile I almost came into conclusion they would actually build new city on Argus.

You know ashes of exile. They were exiled from Argus which by now all but ashes and dust. But then I grasped the whole concept.

They have to come up with a new name and Velen went with the most obvious one.

Also this marks one of the largest changes on Azeroth. Draenei have some of the most powerful sorcerers in the universe.

In their prime an Eredar Sorcerer would wipe the floor even with the most accomplished Elven magician.

Now whole race truly unrestrained. No longer will they need to watch their backs and keep a transdimensional vessel on standby for quick evacuation, should world wrecking threat arrive.

What separates Draenei from the other races is that they truly had an utopic society. An Empire that didn’t collapse on it’s own or due to incompetent ruler.

It collapsed because extraterrestrial celestial being of pure chaos orchestrated it.

If they will be left to their own devices then Azeroth will have a new dominant race on it’s surface within decades.

Draenei used to have a perfect society and ruled their whole planet unquestioned.

Azeroth will desperately need a new war. One involving Draenei. Otherwise they will be ubeatable and soon.


I understand it more as they plan to build the city on Azeroth, and Argus being kept more like a shrine, military base and research facility (more like archeology to recover the lost knowledge), as Argus is a broken wreck in the Twisting Nether with a hole all the way to the core and it’s world soul dead. But I guess that remains to be seen.

Nah, embrace the goat dominance. :goat:
Jokes aside, I pretty certain that Draenei wouldn’t go to subjugate Azeroth. Even on Draenor they kept to their own devices until interaction was necessesary, so I can see them, having their utopia on Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isle and just have an eye on the rest of the world in a case of threat emerging.

This is true for basically any of the playable races. All of their societies have different pillars. The Eredar were no exception to this. The only exceptions are maybe the Goblins and the Gnomes, but even then.

It’s ironic that you compare it to blood elves when they have the exact same governing structure as the Draenei do.

Blood Elves are ruled by Lor’themar Theron. He is one and only Regent Lord. Rommath and Halduron are merely his subordinates, advisors, leaders of their respective Thalassian branches and seconds in command if need be.

They do not share power with him. If he says they are going to war, they go to war.

Eredar Triumvirate operated on consensus. They either agreed all or not at all.

It does seems as though the various off-shoots and variants of Eredar are coming together in unison, which I thought was a nice touch. That the ceremonial practice was reinstated in their culture not just for the sake of nostalgia, but because Velen (the sly goat that he is) want them all to meet the future as one people - if not physiologically, then culturally.

Obviously there are lingering troubles to be handled of course - Rome wasn’t built in a day. Certainly there will be Draenei who still look on the Broken with revulsion and the Penitent Man’ari with hatred or fear. That said, I think the subtext of a lot of the NPC chatter imply that it’s not an impossible or even unlikely end result.

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Yeah, that’s exactly how Velen and his exarchs operate now.
My main point was that Eredar culture wasn’t more diverse than let’s say Blood elves’, which you use in your argument for which the Eredar had a Triumvirate.

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