Draenei heritage toughts (spoilers if u haven't done it yet)

No idea if it was here alread as it’s 2 days old and that recent meme post from @Miaguni doesn’t count.

Draenei heritage was amazing and I did it twice thanks to that. It is less about what is to be Draenei, yes, but it is solid worldbuilding update on their society. Overally, Draenei, who have been hunted by the Legion for millenia, don’t need to run anymore and have finally settled on Azeroth and accepted it as their home, wanting to build their new Argus here.

  1. New city to be build and Bloodmyst Isle cleansed. (Kalimdor update?)
  2. Auchenai are still around and have reclaimed Auchindoun, resuming their work. They also plan to bury entire “Path of Glory”. (Outland update?)
  3. They still make vigilants.
  4. Hatuun is to be again Velen’s advisor and he wants vouch for Krokuls on both Argus and Draenor, therefor their situation is to be improved. (Playable Broken?)
  5. Partial success in integration of Lost Ones. (Wow, Blizzard hasn’t forgotten they exist.)
  6. Rangari are still around.
  7. There is a small community of Draenei/Orc hybrids who lean more towards their Draenei side, unlike Garona and Lantresor.
  8. The Penitents - the initial questline from September was just bad, especially it’s vague ending which pretty much was in the open. So are they accepted back? Just like that? Or there will be more? Or this was just a bad fan service to justify (lazy) customisations? The heritage fixed the issues as these Man’ari are really few in numbers and their recruitment is strict. They are mostly on Argus, helping Krokuls and Lightforged to cleanse the world of the rest of the Legion. They also don’t want to scare others so they keep to shadows if they are on Azeroth, for which they need permission. They are greatly distrusted and supervised. - Well handled, bravo.
  9. At Tishamaat there was so much Draenei and related characters from all over the game since TBC to DF I literally miss only Uuna. Even that nelf fisherman to whom owlkins, who mutated and went insane due to Exodar’s crash, ate wife and doughter was there.
  10. The guys behind the questline needs pay rise. You are also forgiven the Man’ari questline sine it was the same ppl. I expected the worst. I tought we would get a Man’ari hugging contest, but I was more than pleasatly surprised. Great job. 10/10
  11. Huge W for Rpers.

I like the inspiration from that old TBC artwork. It really fits the race as Draenei are/were a highly civilized by also nomadic society, always on the run for millenia. However, i do have to admit that certain pieces could be done better. Especially helmet, which is ugly, but even worse, it glitches away horns, which is quitea crime on an armor made for a horned race. While the general idea is great, the execution could be better. 7/10

Thank for coming to my TED talk.


All I know is that my Draenei Shaman with heritage armor set and maces with Outland transmog looks simply awesome.


I wholly agree with the OP. It was an amazing at times a moving quest line. It builds really on Velen’s words towards Illidan “Our survival was never in Fate’s hands.”

No, Velen has finally realised that he and all the Draenei are capable of shaping their own fate. Fate should be in the hands of the mortals of Azeroth. After a lifetime of fleeing from the Legion Velen can finally be certain this lesson is well taught… to all children of Azeroth. Even her adopted children from other places of the Cosmos. :slight_smile:


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