Dragonflight has been the best PvP expansion since Warlords of Draenor

I know, I know. It’s not perfect, you’re not happy about micro-CC, Demon Hunters or solo shuffle queue times.

But after 2 years of Dragonflight, you’ve just grown used to its perks and benefits, and you forgot about them altogether.
Please remember what we’ve been through when that hot pile of garbage called Legion first launched, and what we’ve had to endure for the 6 years that followed this tragic event.

Dragonflight is the expansion that:

  • Removed borrowed power systems from the game
  • Brought back WoD gearing
  • Introduced solo shuffle, which will lead to solo RBGs next expansion
  • Didn’t force us to do boring PvE content like world quests, Torghast or grind boring dungeons and raids
  • Is just very alt-friendly. You can level up a character today, get it to 70 and start playing ranked arena immediately thanks to account bound honor/conquest tokens

We also got nice cosmetics:

  • All 2100 illusions have been very good, the season 2 illusion is especially popular.
  • It’s also the first expansion where Gladiator players have received 2 different Gladiator mount appearances.

I’d give Dragonflight a solid 7/10 PvP wise.
My only criticisms would be:

  • Dampening is an anti-healer mechanic that prevents skill expression and leads to constant 3-3 games. It’s discouraging and it leads to lower healer participation, and longer queue times for DPS players
  • Class design is still inferior to anything we’ve known prior to Legion.
  • All Elite Monk sets have looked like trash but I’m used to it at this point, I have 0 expectations in that regard.

Did you mean since MoP? I’d say WoD was one of the 2 worst we’ve ever had


No, I meant WoD.

WoD was fantastic for PvP because of its gearing system. It was so good they brought it back in DF.

The ability pruning did start in WoD but classes were still “themselves”, there’s a very clear distinction between pre-Legion and post-Legion class design. Sub rogues still had backstab, hemorrhage and ambush back in WoD for example.
Mistweavers still had Chi and Stances, Windwalkers still had Tigereye Brew instead of Serenity, Death Knights still had their 3 presences and runes, Fire Mages still had frost spells in their spellbook. Also Demon Hunters did not exist in WoD. This is a big one.

Yeah, honestly, Warlords season 3 is the most fun I ever had playing PvP in WoW.
I did play and enjoy both Cataclysm and MoP on private servers for years too, and they were fantastic expansions, but I still prefer WoD.

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the gearing system doesn’t matter when the class design and balance was a complete and utter disaster

Sure, but class design was worse during all the expansions that followed after WoD.

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Remember BFA ? I prefer DF class desing than previous expansions. I don’t judge it from my class, generally the game needs numerical fixes and maybe some adjustments to some specs Imho.

the majority of players are too blind to realize that wod was a good expansion, like cataclysm
I guarantee that for a hl player, legion like wotlk will be a big flop

if they pruned DH from the game, lowered the damage across the board and revert the CC nerfs. I think it would be a good expan, but right now. I don’t enjoy it as a healer or dps frankly.

:clown_face: wod for arena was one of the best ever, a good team could never lose to worse people because the game was so scripted. Now random duelists can rofl stomp multi r1s with a slight counter comp by just doing pve damage.

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idk i prefer good class system/ fun pacing over good gearing, but only my opinion, and i know that the balancing isnt bad, because of the pvp devs “except” the dh thing, it´s mainly because of the talent tree what is m+ intended.

I’d rather to stay in Torghast for 8 hours if the classes are fun to play.

Hm but not Season 1 and season 3 was kinda meh

i mean in season 1 u had only gladiator stance warris, what did a high amount of dmg

then they nerfed it, and u only saw jungles

then the barrage bug on hunter. what killed u from 100 to 0 in 1 sec

and combat rogue / Turbo in last season meta, but everything else was alright, and more fun to play than dragonflight.

yeah this is the biggest thing what i hate about dragonflight.

The best equipment system in the history of pvp? Without a doubt, there is no discussion here.

The best PvP Balancing ever? No kidding, it’s possibly one of the worst expansions I’ve played in PvP balance

Has solo shuffle loaded ranked PvP? Without a doubt, it has brought the greatest toxicity in history, bringing mediocre pvp at the cost of destroying normal arenas.

If it weren’t for the PvP equipment system, this expansion would be a failure, but thanks to this wonderful system (I hope they don’t destroy it like they did in Legion with WoD) it has made it possible to still enjoy pvp with multiple characters

Extremely weak bait

I swear you guys will be praising SL in a few years.

It was an absolute abomination of an expansion

Idk about best lol

Despite how bad Bfa/sl were I at least had more people to consistently play with.

It would’ve been really good if the execution of solo shuffle was done properly, and maybe adding solo Rbg queue would’ve kept people invested.

How dare you, positive opinion? You will aggro cried out eyes, fellas. All is soooo bad :d

Not true. They nerfed it 2 weeks into season (shield slam no longer dispelled buffs in glad stance).

Being just prot was unironically better, but not that many pushed as prot.

Anyway DF has indeed been a much better pvp expansion than legion, bfa and SL combined.

Unfortunately the game still suffers from degenerate class design caused by the mobility creep from DH’s and cooldown trading due to GOGOGO m+ design and micro cc being pervasive through the game.

yeah i remember, they hardcounter every rdrood, disc with that dispell thing, idk if it was a glyph or baseline, but wasnt it longer than 2 weeks? something around 1-2 months?

what you didnt liked about legion except dh´s ?

warcraft logs for arena soon

WoD was second best expansion after MoP when it comes to arena and it’s not even close. Class design was very good.

And as mentioned above, you wouldn’t just get rofl stomped and emoted by every drooling rival team spamming pve rotation for 10 minutes like it is on retail for some time now.

Most relevant players / competitors / streamers will confirm WoD arena was good.



gotta make the trolling less obvious

You forgot to include Legion on your list.
It’s the expansion that introduced everything lame about BFA and SL. It’s objectively worse.