Dragonflight: Return to the Forbidden Reach

Dragonflight: Return to the Forbidden Reach

With the defeat of Raszageth secured, a new opportunity to seek out and find answers about the dracthyr Evokers and their history arises within the Forbidden Reach. This max-level experience introduces new bosses and objectives, additional storms, new loot, and more.

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seems like this patch may be near my friends! I’m looking foward to this!


More interested into 10.1.


pls rush this out and start working on 10.1. We need content, not another quest hub.


What you don’t yet understand is, Blizzard, we know something is gonna come, that something has to come. And people who has one eye at the future have already seen this on wowhead thanks to datamining, but it’s anticlimactic to give news like this without an expected approx. release date. This isn’t even news-worthy content anymore.


Are the rings account-wide or will we have to grind that power on every alt we want to play?

ofc it will be char specific - dont delude yourself even for 1 moment it wont be

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10.1 will be a new raid and season 2 m+, i doubt 10.1 will add a mass of content as such haha.

Id be very suprised if it did atleast. Generally season patchs are just the launch of those 2 things really.

Why? Uve been screeching m+ sucks now, its iust another 10 week lock out behind raiders with a new set of dungeons to +20 :joy::joy:


Be prepared for a little danger as you make your way through the courses—the sky is not yours alone.

I don’t like the sound of that AT ALL. Dragonriding is irritating enough already.

I’m SO very tired of people who think like this.

Stop playing games. You’re doing it wrong.

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He’s not wrong.


I personally don’t see anything interesting except new powerup gems because they’ll impact the meta and of course Paladin rework.

and that gem better be altfriendly, we still have fatigue from shadowlands grinds.

No? You also want alts to just get gear for free?
Because this is NOT a matchmaking game where you ‘pick your power set’. This is an mmorpg and every character is its own person, with its own experiences and progression.

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Players will be able to enter a randomized treasure room to seek out the puzzles, monsters, and mysteries within

This sounds supiciusly Torghast-like :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:
Have you learned nothing??? :unamused:


That’s why I’m interested in. Want to know if they listened or I can stay away from garbageland. Or sorry garbageflight. I always mess up bad expansions

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Except that dragonflight is good.
Nice troll try, go again

Maybe it’ll be account-wide? They’ve been pretty good at making the xpac alt friendly so far.

Who made you the arbiter of the right & wrong way of playing games?

This thought process is how we got covenants. We all saw what a great success those were, lol. People want to play their alts without a bunch of barriers preventing them from doing so.

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DF is fantastic but each to their own i guess.

I find it very unlikely, given trying to equalise mythic raiding and m+ has been the goal since end of BFA.

M+ was just too easy, if the rewards are even the difficulty csnt be that far apart either.

If we are seriously going to argue thats fine, the same argument could be why shouldnt open world content obtain top level gearing

I imagine they will maybe do something about the affixs, as thats the major complaint, for it being +20. I cant see that being reverted.

so you are equating 15s in SL with open world mobs?

Supposedly it’s more like the Troves of the Thunder King from MoP. But i do recall reading/hearing an interview in which Blizzard said they were planing on introducing something akin to Torghast.

Could be this.


im saying

If ur saying M+15, is fine to award Mythic raid Gear at a Easier difficulty

then its fine for Open world gear to get M+ Gear at a Easier difficulty.

you cant say its fine to award Same Rewards in Un-equalised Difficulty to a “degree”. ur in or out of that argument. if its fine, you cant say 1s ok and 1 isnt oki, their identical in philosphy.

M+ Was Awaridng Mythic raid gear at a easier difficulty, and it still is doing exactly that, its just closer then it was.

to say M+ Should be EASIER then mythic raiding while offering same reward, ur saying Difficulty shouldnt matter, the Reward should still exist. which could be applied to arguing well why cant open world offer the same. the problem is, u want Difficulty to be irrelevant to the reward on YOUR Terms.

u’ve Deemed M+ Fun therefore u have decided it should be both Easier, and offer mythic raid gear. I’m simply taking that same argument and applying it to the debate.