Dragonflight: Return to the Forbidden Reach

I mean its been out for months and its here

10.1 has in store …

New Zone which will bring new rare’s and quest etc etc
New Raid
New PVP season
New M+ season
Proff updates

Sorry to be rude but i wish people would find out facts before speaking out.

If 20s are easy how you have none timed.

Raids usually comes with new zone’s for example Sanctum of Domination came with Koritha and Sepulcher of the First Ones came with Zereth Mortis which always brings storyline/wq/world boss and rare’s and more.
To say 10.1 is going to add not much is a joke…

?. I said the opposite to them being easy think uve misread.

I stated +15s back in SL were too easy for the rewards they provided and now their closer to mythic raiding difficulty.

After SL it is pretty obvious why i wouldnt think theyd add 2 lands to the expansion back to back.

Also their description page i misread. It says after 10.1 will be 2 minor content patchs. Read it as 10.1 will be.

Also korthia was rly not alot of content back in SL

ZM did alittle better there imho.

Added more campaign story to the covens, new world boss and dailes/wq also bi weekly maw assault’s , rares, mounts and pets

I mean iam unhappy with blizzard but seriously saying they didnt add much in 9.1 is a blatant lie.

Getting gear is not a barrier. It’s progressing your character; THE main focus of WoW.

Too many people are way too entitled about their alts.
They should never just be given power to be on par with mains. Go earn it.


Quest hubs are content. Hello?

I mean they’re literally content. New stuff. Not just higher difficulties of the same thing.

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The most ignorable content update possibly ever

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Campaign and borrowed power, arent content. Dunno maybe i just did so little of it due ti pure hatred of its systems.

If blizzard were capable of balancing properly. People may be more fine with that, but when they on repeat cause a fotm cycle, its obvious rerolls are going to occur.

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Huge parts of story line is not content ? since when?

Did you even read the patch note’s of 9.1 ?

That’s a player issue. Rerolling because there’s something stronger out there is abhorrent imo. Whatever happened to ‘playing what you just think is fun to play’?

A campaign DEFINITELY is content.
And borrowed power, while not content in itself, leads to doing content to GET that power (and on a personal level; I am missing that in DF. I’ve reached my ‘power ceiling’ too fast, for my taste - I get that many people will disagree with that notion).

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It does indeed and i can’t wait!

Will the hunter finally learn how to tame real draconic pets ?

It’s been years we wait for that, and all we got there are feathered, frog and fae… >_<
Everybody can ride proto drakes, but hunters can’t fight along them :confused:

Depends on what u deem fun in all honesty. Yes, your friendly solo player or someone who runs in +5 m+ or simply does normal raiding. Play what u like. It doesnt matter.

But im afraid, when the further you go towards the edge, the harder doing that truely becomes.

I dont think its a player issue. I think the problem is, the game wants to encourage alts, and does exactly that, due to this. Yeah, blizzard have to support alting because its their systems that builds thst demand.

There are plenty of players who have fun on more then one speccz or class, and guilds and premades depend on those players to flex into other classes when demands for them rise.

Hence why alot of mythic guilds demand u keep 3 characters up to date, etc etc. Just because u swap chara, doesnt nessercarily mean your not having fun.

As a group of players the objective is everyones playing a class and specc they enjoy, in a comp that works

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I fill my 4th alt’s PvP vault bar currently,

Warrior, Deathknight, Retribution, Demonhunter, Warlock, Rogue, ShadowPri and FrostMage last one, my arsenal is stronk, I can’t be hurt by nerfs and balance changes, I’m literally immune to it.

that is casual point of view, no powah no fun for many people.

sure they did kentarro they learned that the will of men are easily broken and if you dangle a big enough carrot in front of them they will happily run a boregast experience :smiley:

the sweaty basement dwellers aka the mythic+ runners would cross a desert full of deadly snakes to get that 1 % increase to dmg

It is, because other players are the cause of why it becomes harder.
It’s totally doable with less than optimal builds/classes, but players have it in their mind that it’s completely undoable or that they MUST have the best of the best. Which is just not true except for the VERY VERY top. These notions trickle down and so you see them everywhere; even for easy content. Players have essentially been ‘infected’ by these ideas.

Those are not the same thing.

Of course and that’s not what I was condemning. Read what I said again please, because what you’re describing here is not THAT.

What mythic guilds do isn’t and shouldn’t be considered ‘normal behaviour’.

That is a logical, completely normal point of view.
Thinking you’re required to be the best, isn’t. Because you’re not.

To a extent i could agree sure. But ur amping the difficulty of content by doing so, and im afraid theres very very few, who can play bad classes in high tier content and succeed becauss of that.

Doing a +20 is difficult enough.

Doing with a bad specc, is likely far too difficult for most.

I would argue that there aren’t any.
Sub-optimal, sure. But that doesn’t make them bad.

That is one of the pitfalls with that kind of thinking: Anything that isn’t BiS is bad.
And that just isn’t true.

I really think that it’s this line of thinking that is most destructive to gaming of all things.
There’s a reason why the very top players adhere to such a way of thinking, but it should not be adopted by anyone who plays the game in a normal way because it has no place there. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and we now have many problems with the game that can all be brought back to this one single thing - and many players don’t even see it; they think it’s the game that’s the problem.

It’s so frustrating to see this happening whilst knowing the truth and not being able to do anything about it.

Having to do some random content that isn’t relevant to endgame on every character isn’t fun and is a big barrier. Just like choreghast was. I want this to remain as a fun activity, not turn into a chore.

I have no problems with gearing up my characters in M+ or Raids. I just don’t want to repeat boring grinds 5+ times every week.

Why not? Other games do it and it doesn’t impact the gameplay at all. It just makes people more likely to play the game more.

You begrudge others for getting gear in m+ “easily” yet you moan about a ring that will be replaced early in 10.1 :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Listen for some of us normal is this, I literally never pick any items from the vault, I pick the extra socket option and filling vault for extra sockets each week. My min-maxer soul doesn’t allow me to stop, I have to reach my maximum potential or it feels like something is missing. This way I’ll be stronger than a person who performs as good as me because of my extra stats.

not only bad it is terribly bad.

no powah no fun.