Dragonflight Twitch Drops: Get Your Goblin Weather Machine Now!

Dragonflight Twitch Drops: Get Your Goblin Weather Machine Now!

From February 1 until February 5, earn the Goblin Weather Machine when you watch WoW Dragonflight streams on Twitch!

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Can’t wait!

I just want to get it on record that I have had the Goblin Weather Machine since WotLK and I have the trading card to prove it!

And having said that I want all of you scrubs to continue to recognize me as your superior, even though you are also about to get the Goblin Weather Machine.

Since I got it first, I own all the prestige associated with it, because that’s how rewards work in WoW. Blizzard says so.

Seriously though, it’s a nice toy. The thunder and lightning in particular. The sun…not so much.

Hand out the Epic Shirt next Blizzard. As someone who has it, I can only recommend being able to deck out your character in epic items from top to bottom. It’s very satisfying!

:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :sunny: :sun_behind_large_cloud:


In all reality, I bet they have thousands of unused Toys in their Archive ready to implement into a promotion like this.

Although I’m not really against them using TCG items for promotions, since they are just a Retail product and not an in-game reward. I do think it would be better if they just used something new.

I love this one

Meh. Pass.

I did appreciate the feldrake though.

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Maybe add something that’s not on black market, i already bought that toy there :slight_smile:

I will not watch this for sure.

See, this is called rationalizing something Blizzard have done that is business-motivated.

You have identified a superior solution from the perspective of a gamer, and then you go through a rational process to reason with yourself why Blizzard’s solution is understandable because they are a business who have probably made a deal with Amazon.

Welcome in the club dude! :hugs:

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Let’s goo free toy! So happy they’re giving us an extra chance on earning TCG stuff.

People who bought TCG items for hundreds or even thousands of real world currency are probably shaking right now. One day they’ll re-release the Spectral Tiger and Magic Rooster mounts and I so look forward to it :slight_smile: I mean they gave away the Feldrake, so why stop there?

Even if they don’t give away all of the TCG items for free, it will certainly be a lot cheaper than Ebay at least lmao.

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Fantozzi would be very happy…


TCG items are Retail Products afterall, in the same way TCG was a retail product. Therefore it would fall under promotional material, so would make sense why it might be selected over items put aside for In-Game use, even if they’re not getting used.

But still…

This toy is about 150k on black market.
I was hoping for something cooler then a black market toy for watching twitch.

You don’t have to watch it. Leave it running on your mobile phone and keep playing wow :wink:


I want more stuff like feldrake or that rocket toy, that’s not in game.

I watch asmon on daily so i get all stuff just that i got this toy from black market :slight_smile:

explains a lot.

Well he is the biggest wow streamer + he is an achiv hunter like me, why shoud i not watch him?

Didn’t say you shouldn’t watch him at all.

Maybe u right about that.

U said it explains alot, what does it explain?

good stuff. cant wait to put it on autoplay and not watch a single thing while getting the reward. i am not interested to watch others play

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I hope they don’t forget about the past Blizzcon cosmetics.

I’ve always wanted the Big Blizzard Bear mount. Maybe make it a drop for the Blizzcon 2023 opening ceremony pls? :slight_smile:

As someone who purchased Blizzcon virtual tickets from 2015 to 2019, I couldn’t care any less if they brought back old Blizzcon stuff that I own already. As long as I am able to get the Big Blizzard Bear mount at some point I’ll be happy.