Dragonflight Twitch Drops: Get Your Goblin Weather Machine Now!

Last set of twitch drops i met the requirments for them all and only got the purple firework which arrived over a month after i completed and claimed.

The deal is we watch the streams which insrease viewers puts warcraft streams on the twitch front page more which gives bliz free advertising.

I kept my end of the deal and only got 1 out of the five rewards and it was the most usless one. Not gonna do any more streams to help bliz advertise when i don’t get the rewards for participating.

I tried customer support just to be linked to an article sayinig that customer support can’t grant missing twitch rewards, so no thank you not interested in participating to not get rewards and have support serach give me an article telling me they can’t do anything. Not gonna do a single one of these until i get the rewards for the ones i did before.

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I just want the Spectral Tiger.

Not that I’ll actually use it, but I want to see people getting pissed on Reddit and the forums.

Does anyone have any idea if there is a delay in receiving this? Twitch says I’ve claimed it however it is still to appear in game. The last lot for me were delivered super quick, so wondering if it’s my turn to experience a blip :flushed:
… ok realise there are a few blips going on, so wondering if they are pausing this lot till the next maintenance update …

I mean, I’d feel sorry for my friend who was opening packets she bought on her way home from work, whilst we were all chatting on Ventrillo (yep, showing my age). That was an experience, she was over the moon!.

But to all those guys who paid 300k or whatever. “Lol”.

so far 16 hours have passed since i claimed but it can take up to 14 days :slight_smile:

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Aww thank you for your response, will chill for abit now :+1:

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You’re not alone with delay!

Maybe live maintenance will fix it.

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Haven’t gotten mine yet either even tho i claimed it


Got the same problem - can I ask did you watch streamer from USA or EU? Well, Im just trying to figure out, last time with twitch drop I watched EU streamer everytime and got every reward like in 2 hours. But this time I watched some USA streamer, because the very few EU streamers I knew were offline during that time (so I just randomly picked someone from the tab who was online) and I didnt get the reward yet, it will be almost 24 hours since I claimed it - so I just wonder if there is some connection between it or not

great quote. unfortunately for dedicated few

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Another stream to stick on and not watch on another tab.

Shouldn’t make a difference, process is probably bugged as with anything these days. Same here. Don’t worry, you’ll get it, at some point. Only thing that matters is that your EU battle.net account is linked to your twitch account.

As much as I don’t understand Blizzard’s obsession with twitch, I’m not going to say no to free items for leaving a tab minimised and muted while working, or while playing a game.

Same here. I completed this on my wifes and my own accounts at around the same time.
She got hers. I’m still waiting.

I fear it may be Twitch getting their revenge back after the handling of the Ichabod debacle. (e.g. I got my money back.)

I have no idea most streamers are from US im not gonna watch a EU streamer specificly

Its the biggest streaming platform, and it helps them, what cant you possibly understand?
Are you dense?

Actually, twitch got me into wow a few years ago, when it had 1.2 million viewers, and I was like “what the hell is this game” xd The streamer, that sold me wow is unironically asmongold btw. Blizzard should work with him more ngl

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Got it since yesterday but still don’t have it in game, is there a bug?
Got all the previous one instantly

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ye, same for me. Got all the others instantly, but I still don’t have this one.

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Same for me the other 3 or 4 ? got instant i clicked the button but this one no sign as of yet.

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