Dragonriding is Mcdonalds Content

Imagine the biggest feature of the expansion we have been waiting for years for to be…

We get to ride a dragon…
Covenants replaced with… well zone covenants v2.0… (yes another grind and barrier to entry, you must grind them to continue with the campaign, its covenants again)

Anyone else see through the fact they have taken something we enjoy (flying) and simply recycled it and now made it a different grind, its nothing new, flying a dragon, but they have taken something they know players like, and simple dragged it out as content, its not very impressive. Take something the players enjoy and make them grind it out… I mean, is this seriously the apex of the dragon riding? we get to grind for skins and fulfil mandatory barriers to entry such as collecting the glyphs we google for to be able to unlock all the talents. It is mcdonalds content to be consumed and forgotten about after the moment you collect the last glyph.

Am i missing something big thats coming with it? or is this simply it, its flying with a different colour of paint and more grinds put into it to flesh it out.

Its underwhelming, been flying dragons/drakes since the burning crusade. So far there really is not anything “new” its the same things, I guess i expected more from a billion dolla company to be able to produce something a little more, creative?

Why are you copying the thread from General?

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Apologies, it was my first ever post on wow Forum in around 11 years, always been warned away from it, Britishbullz is a character on my account, not sure how it duplicated but thanks for the notice

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