Draka with Thrall

Do you think Draka will ever meet Thrall and they will somehow realize they are related to each other? It would be actually very cool. I think both of them are very brave persons and I think Draka would be very proud of Thrall. What do you think?


Thrall would know who she is he has already met two versions of Draka


It would be a very nice thing to see indeed! We have already had Darion meet Alexandros, so Thrall meeting Draka would be really great and might give Thrall some good character development. :slight_smile:


He has, i know he has meet au Draka but what was the other one?

Likely at some point. Unless one of them dies.

Depends on the circumstances of their meeting.

Not much really. I only did the initial story part of Maldraxxus so far, and I do not really think about either of those. These characters did not “click” with me.

gl hf

For how much she was hyped, Draka barely did anything so far. Hopefully she will be more active in the later parts of the Necrolords campaign.

I would love for Geya’rah and Thrall to… actually meet too. They are for all intent and purposes siblings.

They do. In Orgrimmar.

He met Draka when he time travellled back to the moment before they where killed in a novel.

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They… nod at eachother… thats it.

Well…they did meet, didn’t they?
Regardless of how crushingly underwhelming said meeting was :man_shrugging:

Maybe that’s the extent Blizzard wants to go with the implications of their coexistence. They always seemed rather keen on brushing WoD repercussions under the rug.

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Well if it’s as anticlimactic as the Darion - Alexandros meetup, I don’t see how it would be anything other than boring. It would probably be something like:

  • Uh… Hi Mom.
  • Ah yes I have a son, we talk later when the champion isn’t here and we don’t have to use voice lines
  • ok.

Yes, you’re right!

Hope so. So far most of “hyped up” characters have mostly been standing around and throwing “witty oneliners” at each other, or at us. It’s getting frustrating.

Don’t worry, if it comes to the Lore those guys are probably the people actually doing the covenant quests, and it’s your character that will be written out of them.

They will win the battle against the Jailer by out-snarking him until he goes to a corner and sulks over not having the cleverest roasts, I’d wager.

I would vote to have more Vashj action instead.


gl hf

I hope they do, meeting Draka the first time I played through the storyline gave me an Aahhhh… moment (did the second and third times for that matter) - it’s definitely on a par with Ysera’s reemergence in the Ardenweald storyline, loved both those moments.

Excuse me but what are you talking about?

I’m talking about my emotional response to incidents in the Maldraxxus and Ardenweald storylines, in reply to the OP. I see you’re still 55, don’t want to give a spoiler, but you should get there soon.