Drakthyr class color

Anyone know what will be the drakthyr class color?

No, and it’s called evoker class.

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I’d imagine it would be some tint of red, since we already have most variations of other colors already in use and red would fit the theme.

If you google Indian Red, that would be what I’m talking about

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Red of some kind or maybe black . White or grey-ish to avoid confusing with priests.

Black, since the first 2-3 months most of them will be carpet cosplays :crazy_face:

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I think brown fits them quite good :grin:

One and the same.

idk man,blizzard learned with warcraft that black in hp bar is not that good since the black background and all…im thinking it must be one of the 5 dragon colors…maybe gold or that legendary orange?

Well that answers that then :slight_smile:


This one for multiple dragon flight :rainbow_flag:

Nice didnt see that one ^^

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