Dunno why people are against RDF in WotLK

Lmao have you actually read anything of the stuff people that have tried that tool in beta has to say about it? I haven’t seen one positive remark about it but quite alot of bad things.

You can see players roles more easily, but other that that it just looks a little different. There are no new functions. Its not worth calling it a “new tool”.

I have stopped using the current poor excuse of LFG tool period. And the one in beta isn’t anything better at all. Other then graphically maybe.

I don’t know if there is some language barrier here but I said that we are getting an improved group finder.

but how about social. looking for 1 man for like 40 mins to complete dungeon and never meet him again

This is why it seems useless to argue with you. I know you personally dont call it a new tool, but even Blizzard calls it a new group finder:

You know what we are talking about, but instead of adding anything to the discussion, you try to find a fault in others and blame them. And like with RDF, its you personal interpretation and definition, that you use as an argument.

Thats the thing, because in fact, there is literally no difference when it comes to forming groups, other that its new design. There is no technical improvement yet, and its uncertain at best if they make any further changes.

Anyone who has troubles forming groups, because on high pop servers the only other option is using bulletin and staring at it while its getting spammed and for low pop servers its indeed useless because there are not enough players anyway for most content. This is why indeed most players that want to have a good group finder are skeptical about the “improved” tool.

Just because you dont need it personally or your guild mates that you know, doesnt mean that such a tool or RDF are not needed by other players.

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No because everything i see it was wrong.
Social blablabla, you think you do but you don’t, that’s the only truth

Where? Any links ?

No its you who is wrong.

You are not being trolled. I even tried to make it as understandable as I could for you, but I am out of ideas, how you might understand simple arguments. Ill try it one more time. You personally dont need glasses. Yet you say to others that glasses are not needed. How would those people needing glasses feel? Its similar to RDF. There are people that will use the feature for multiple reasons, yet because none of those are applying to you, you see only the downsides and ignore all the people it might help.

I mean you simplified your reason why you are against RDF pretty good:

This is you perception, your interpretation of what happened back in the day. Noone can change it, but that doesnt mean you are correct with your interpretation, that RDF alone was at fault, nor that it didnt have positive aspects, too. There is a reason the tool persisted throughout all expansions. Because of its upsides.


No and that’s i explain the You think you do but you don’t.
If you want to conserv your dream after that, you’re free.

It presisted troiugh expansion beocuse once you put such feature into the game its almost imspossible take out. Also if you didnt notice Blizzard has literaly in last few expansions made LFG and also LFR to be as little as possible to be relevant so people actualy dont have reason to use it. Thjey know its bad system they just cant take it away anymore.

YEp keep that telling yourself. I dont need your approvemnt. I see it for myself how classic is completly different game without it.

blinded and stubborn unable but ok enjoy your dream.

Yep everyone who always loved mmorpg games disagree with you including developers themself but its you who is right sure. :smiley: I literaly had more player interactions right now on classic on my 38 lvl than on retail in past 4 expansions.

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And i explained why RDF change nothing, you can get interaction with it.

And i told you that youe explanation is wrong. Becouse you have absolutly no idea about anything when comes to people behaviours in different types of enviroment.

I think i can have RDF and get interaction with other players.

"Hello my friend we need a last tank for Uldaman ! :smiley: "
“Hey i’m available !!!”
“Ok nice !!” /invite
"Hello guys :slight_smile: "
“Hello :)” "Hi :slight_smile: "Hey :stuck_out_tongue: "
"Let’s go tag :smiley: " => teleport
"Can you buff x please ? :slight_smile: "
“Thanks :slight_smile: "
“Let me regen please”
" blablablabla”
“Thank you all if you want another dg add me in your friend list ! Bye bye !”

Jesus, RDF killed social so much in my exemple god damn