DX12 Not supported with AMD gpu

So I’ve got myself a new PC this time with AMD gpu and I had to troubleshot so much to find a solution to start even the game… It wasn’t starting without the command line before the game launch.

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Possibly related to known issues with AMD cards,

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Result probably of using dxvk fix to fix crashing as it does not support dx12


Are we on Windows? I mean I know DXVK doesn’t support DX12 but VKD3D does.

Either way, I’m using none of them and my DX12 is broken also.

Oh, and my mac can’t play the game either because they broke the UI.

Good job Blizzard. Unplayable on AMD cards and unplayable on macOS. Time to reproduce: 2 seconds

How did ANY integration test succeed?

Goodness me…

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With DXVK you can use the game in DX11 mode but run via Vulkan so in theory regaining some lost performance.

I know DXVK well and Ie no reason why it should regain you lost performance given that, yes, it runs on Vulkan, but it implements the entire DX11 state machine to do so, because that’s what it has to do to emulate DX11.

DXVK is intended primarily as a way to run Windows Direct X 11 games on Linux.

It’s used on some DX11 games on Windows too. FFXIV players use it sometimes, but mostly it’s used for older DX11 and DX9 games that don’t multithread it that well or at all. WoW DX11 implementation is quite optimized so the difference may be situational like for FFXIV.

I did do some benchmarks recently, and newer AMD cards forced into DX11 were behind much weaker cards running DX12 in some scenarios:


AMD has always been terrible with DX11. That’s why they invented Mantle, which then became DX12, in the first place.

But what’s that benchmark list got to do with DXVK? Does it help?

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