Ectoplasmic Distiller Changes

A hotfix was applied last week that made it so the Ectoplasmic Distiller quest item would no longer generate threat. We made this change because in patch 1.12, dropping this item applied a buff to everybody in range of the item, and since buffs generate threat by default, it could be used to trivialize the threat mechanics in many encounters. We don’t believe this was an intended effect and this was a case where the impact was extreme enough to warrant the change.

Another notable reason for the change is that this item is not a quest reward, but item used as part of the mechanics to complete a quest, which is then removed when the quest is complete. We want quest completion to be a rewarding experience, and not feel like a mistake.


What about making it so that 32 of them at the entrance to a raid can’t remove people’s buffs as they go near them?
Or is it intended that 32 players can group up and ‘dispel’ people regardless of being PvP flagged or not, it even works on your own faction.


Seeing as there’s no response from Blizzard to this I can only assume that the intended ‘PvP solution’ to this is to forcefully flag people on your own faction if they’re doing this and then quickly level an alt to 60 on the opposite faction to come gank all 32 of them.

this is most pathetic post of the day roll PVE realm please


I am on a pve realm, don’t you get it? The distiller can be dropped anywhere, by anyone. If 32 horde get that quest to that stage and drop them in orgrimmar they could dispell world buffs off of other Horde’s on any server, pve or pvp…

Its a good thing you dont need world buffs to clear the content then isnt it?

You’re right. We don’t. We cleared AQ40 and 20 already. That’s not the point is it? :slight_smile:

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If you can’t read, that’s on you. Not on me :slight_smile:

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