Elemental shamans

Well first got flagged by shammys. :rofl: What is this joke of A damage? Like hitting tanks but oneshots you in 2-3 globals? Lava burst 1100-1700 crits? Is this normal?

I know ele tree is strong but 2.5 k getting melted.


hrhrhr sh sh sh presses pillow on face no more snitching.

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It requires set up and a 2 second hard cast. Sure, instant lava bursts are hard to avoid but the 5% proc is laughable, barely ever happens and not to mention Flame Shock can be dispelled easily without any repercussions which removes LB’s crit.

So, yeah, skill-issue.

Haha! 5 % , keep telling urself that! You bois have gone under the radar long enough


Nah, we fine. Shhh… let us have this thing we can do for a change.

Besides I rarely two shot a feral tank, so there’s that.

Also, and in a serious note, we’re glass cannon. Get into our melee and there’s little we can do. Counterspell, curse of tongues, stuns etc, those are all tools we don’t have but need to deal with.

yup let’s hope shamelem and mage are the next ones getting a 50% nerf


Na, nerf the everliving **** outa melee hunters, put em back in ranged where they belong


It legit never procs.

What class do you play where Ele shams destroy you?

Skill issue

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Dont know What procs or not , shamans almost imp to kill. And if they freecast 1100-1800 lava burst crits. And if you try to go at them, they kite you to death with 14 Totems

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lol shamans has been hot garbage for far too long, let us have some fun for a change.

Dude I have no issues with some love , but its unkillable in melee with the armor and hp. And the totems makes it impossible to apply any pressure. For some reason shammys go down slower then A paladin , doesnt matter What kinda shammy it is

If you can’t shut down a 2 second hardcast lava burst that has no pushback immunity then you’re garbage, sorry.


Haha! Yeah like that works in bgs. U just slap on tank Rune that is broken either way. Waiting for the nerf hammer. If your class would had been A glass Canon fair enough. Its like plate armor mage

Ah so that makes it balanced then got it. What’s the set up pushing 1 other button? Sounds complicated

Shammy is idd the next class that needs a serious nerf hammering

You have to be in 20 yard range, spend a global cool down to apply flame shock which can be dispelled easily, then cast a 2 second hardcast - you’re a literal bot if you can’t see why that constitutes set up. It’s hilarious in BG’s just melting bots who have no idea how to shut down an Ele Shaman when it’s incredibly easy.

Only bots complain about Ele Shamans.


So everyone cry vs melee hunter, they nerf them and but the melee hunt was the counter on the shamans, now they dont have and you will cry more now vs them, vs mages, vs warlocks in PvP! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dispelled by rogue, warrior ret pala (40 lvl) ?))))))))))
I am sorry but the only bot here is u

OP says about melee only vs shamans , not range classes vs shaman

Sounds like you have not met any destro locks