Emotional moments in BfA

So, soon we will probably see a new expansion teased and ramp up towards the end of BfA.

BfA didnt just start out as a war between the factions, but also the playerbase and I must say ; its been the most dramatic expansion (even more than WoD) when it comes to feedback.

However; we cant deny there were lots of stuff Blizzard did right; and im wondering what moments brought you to tears lr gave you a chill down your spine?

*The first time I heard the music in Boralus I cried so mutch. Both the look of the town and the music sound of the music, reminded of the town I grew up in and my grandfather.

*Zuldazar. I have never felt a more epic moment in WoW. That music combined with the golden pyramids in the green terrain was just too mutch to take in. Just wow.

*Drustvar also really did it for me. Witches, animated wood/meat-men, the eerie feeling of beeing lost and the characters made me feel like a kid again. I got completely immersed and forgot I even played WoW. I decided to turn of the map even when questing there, just to be sure I could enjoy thoose feelings to the Max.


I remember the Lordaeron Scenario as if it was yesterday, damn it felt so epic to run into the ennemy faction.

My best experience remains BoD, I didn’t spoiled myself the raid.

The music was absolutly amazing, I loved it so much.
I remember being with my guildies right after killing Rastakhan I was so pissed at the alliance I was able to make 2 raid groups with whom I stormed Boralus by the main gate.

I also made a WA for my Zandalari paladin, triggering “City of gold” everytime I used “Crusade”

Good times


For me none, I can’t wait for the next expansion to see what they change.


Obviously void elf was a good thing for you :smiley:


I felt awesome when I leveled in Vol’dun for the first time. Nothing more. This expansion is garbage story-wise.


It came in Legion, and it’s besides the point anyway. More than just void elves were good, even in bfa, but nothing emotional, which is what the thread is about. I didn’t feel much emotion when I racechanged my priest to void eld.

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for me best things that came with bfa were ashrana and especialy jaina warbringers.

For me, the one has burned itself on the back of my eyes is arriving at Astranaar to defend it and seeing all those wisps. I got a strong feeling of being too late at seeing that.
Another one was hearing the Stormsong Valley music for the first time, absolutely beautiful!
Though one moment that also stuck with me and may be something of my own making was at the start of Nazmir questing and you’re running through these ruins killing some blood trolls and then suddenly you’re standing right by a bridge leading into Zuldazar with massive amounts of bloodtrolls and reanimated constructs and the only thought going through your mind is “we’re doomed”.


BfA awakened a burning hatred towards alliance players in me for some reason. I attack on sight and even camp, which never happened before. Whenever i see an ally i get annoyed - animations, voice sounds, everything, so it just makes me wanna squish them like pests.

Story wise Sylvanas is a b1tch and Nathanos is the most despised WoW character for me ever.

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But… why?

Stormsong Valley just after unlocking Pathfinder. Flying just above those lush green fields, crystal blue streams, and quaint little cottages… man. I’m not a RPer by any means, but wow that was calming.
That is until you hear a net-o-matic approaching and fall out of the sky to get ravaged by an army of LFG Alliance players.

As much as I absolutely love Zuldazar and Kul Tiras, I am looking forward to some new zones to play around in. I’m struggling to finish off my 6th character even though he’s over half way through 119, just because I can’t be bothered to go through the same story again, then grind that honorbound, then grind the essences, and grind the AP. I don’t think I’d mind doing all of that with some new content however.


Being in the Arathi Warfront for the first time, moving from Ar’gorok to Stromgarde just when the phase started in which the gates are attacked and that music starts playing. Marching with Orcs, Trolls and Tauren to Stromgarde actually was the only moment when I really had that “authentic faction war” experience. Yes yes, blah blah borefront this, borefront that, but the first Attack cycle was immensely fun for me. Wasn’t that emotional, but I enjoyed it and gave me that old-school feeling I hoped to get more during this expansion.

You are a very emotional person I see…

Me? Not so much. I didn’t feel anything questing through the zones.

I feel like all of BFA has just been a huge theme park yet again. Boring and small zones.

I would like to see a zone as big as Kalimdor on the next expansion and the zones would all have a connection to remove the theme park feel.

All of the zones in BFA feel like they are in a different timeline or something, winter and summer are in the same continent at the same time (Drustvar & Stormsong Valley). It just feels unreal and brakes the immersion.


I liked that one quest in Tiragarde where you help a tortollan ride a horse. No tears or anything, but I did smile. Was cute.

… other than that, no, BfA didn’t really make me feel anything.

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i cant name a single improvement going from legion to bfa. ofc scenery and music is as always superb but every other aspect just went from a dumpster fire to full amazon rainforest fire

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When levelling a lot of alts 3 zones only gets boring quick


The scorching sands outpost.

I love that questline so much that I replayed it on other chars, and I hate replaying.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a quest line where I just kept thinking I want more and more.

Shame it ends abruptly with a cliff hanger, hope there’s more to come to it soon :<

Story wise nothing, as the story was not interesting and cliche as always.

The only time I actually enjoyed “exploring” and doing quests was in Zuldazar, the OST with the flute is the best in the game in my opinion, it’s calming and yet you feel a wild vibe in it.

Zuldazar has an amazing soundtrack, I think the best in Zandalar in general.

I’d say that that and the Kul Tiras Night soundtrack are among the best I heard in WoW.

BFA can be summed up in one emotion… Frustration.