Enhance Your Gameplay: Accessibility Updates Now Live

Enhance Your Gameplay: Accessibility Updates Now Live

In Chains of Domination, you’ll be able to enhance your gameplay in World of Warcraft with several new accessibility updates.

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Oh boy. I hope this works in /2


Very good !

Always like to see these updates for the players who find them helpful :+1:

Quest Text Contrast

Quality of life improvement for everyone, in my opinion.


I wonder how my name will sound when it’s read like that out loud. :))

This should be fun for RP.

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Seriously, more Ret buffs?

(jokes aside, accessibility changes are always great, hell I might use the Quest Text Contrast default)


Thank you, good addition, also thank you for not forgetting the Nightbornes.

The quest text option just looks better than the default regardless of whether someone has issues reading from it or not imo.


are FullCAPS messages read EVEN LOUDER ?
(asking for a friend, of course)



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The accessibility features are better content than the raid and rest of additions.

very nice to see such QOL updates :+1:

Until now, I had to whisper it quietly.

Jokes aside, they gave up on having WoW races for text-to-speech? Going with the regular robot voice? Pretty sure there was some wowhead post months ago saying TTS will have WoW race voices.

I’m playing this game for more then 10 years and i have never read one Quest :smiley:

That’s too bad! Some of them are really good!

I didn’t know I needed that quest text option until I saw it. :heart:

Yeah that actually looks really good. Not sure I’ll use it, but a fine addition for sure.

Especially “Welcome to the Machine”… it was worth rolling a Horde character JUST TO DO THOSE QUESTS! Hilarious fun.