ERA is more alive than wrath

I’ve been playing both era and wrath, and ERA is just far more alive

In wrath everyone just stands in dalaran like a bunch of NPC’s, trade and general chat is hardly moving, LFG is seeing less and less raids and dungeons, more bots than players and items getting bought for 300k+ gold…

In ERA im competing for mobs, ganking horde and getting ganked in return, dungeons from the lowest level to the highest, chat is popping 24/7, there isnt a single empty zone,

how could i not quit wrath when era is a better version with a great community and is flowing with life,

Goodbye Northrend.


I really miss world pvp, this mono-faction server is bullshlt.

I miss the pvp fights in winterspring etc, lots of fun. Now wintergrasp is basically dead outside the fights.


Lets hope for new classic (60) servers - wotlk is dead already sadly :frowning:

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honestly, i have seen more open world fights / battles in the last couple weeks than i have since we went to outland, its brilliant.


Yeah, i remember BRM etc in vanilla. Tons of fun.

That part alone is the reason im considering era again. But i also disliked HARD(!) the massive world buff farm you had to do before every raid. So theres that.

personally i havent even thought about world buffs, im just enjoying the leveling, pvping, finding GREEN items… why would i step foot in ulduar when ive got that :grin:

Damn you must be playing some dead servers then if medium pop Era is bigger to you.


There are more people leveling in era and, as far as I know, there arent multiple layers. Therefore the world feels much more alive and you have a chance to meet the same people again at multiple occasions. You dont need to have more players in the game to make the world feel more alive. In fact, Im sure there are far less players playing era compared to wrath.
We can conclude that new players out in the world and no massive layering are good for the game and for social experiences. Blizzard, however, does not understand this is a good thing for the game, even in wrath.

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I made the decision to quit WOTLK for Era this week and it feels like a relief. I can now take forever to level and gear my character with endless world pvp fun.

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Yes there are more people leveling cause it is all era has to offer now, cause of the HC streamers etc.

The game is litterally tiny in population size compared to WOTLK, but yeah you meet more in open world.

Level and gear for what tho ? There is nearly no endgame alive.

I understand going back for a relevel experience i even thought so myself, but thats it.

I dont think its only what era has to offer, but also rather what wrath is doing wrong:

  • overrun with bots
  • buying gold is now a meta
  • hc+ is failing
  • pvp hardly exists
  • gatekeeping i.e gearscore and logs needed
  • alt unfriendly
  • nothing to do outside of raidlogging
    The list goes on and on.

I think era is offering some relief on these subjects.

Yes wrath has more players, but the community itself has less life than era for sure.

And I mean if we look at streamers… i dont see anyone doing ulduar anyone.


To be fair, all of these things were in classic too and it will/is in era too, just no one is playing so no one cares. Again people are just leveling.

PvP was never alive in this game ever really.

Era is also not more alt friendly than wotlk not even close.

It is all about the new challenge thats it

I don’t understood why people disliked something that took like 30 minutes and you got such a massive dmg gain from it (I was mage)

Fly to feralas, Run to Dire maul, Join a hunter or whatever that has already cleared and “set up” the dungeon so you could just run in and grab buff.

Hearth/portal Back to Org, Fly to felwood, Look at timer addon for flower. Log out if flower not up, otherwise click flower then either log out to wait Hearth or portal back to org.

Wait for the 18:45 timer for Onyxia buff, Get it, Fly to Ratchet for Boat/run to zepplin, Look at discord if any one is popping ZG heart soon. Usually was around 18:52 since people timed it with the Ony buff.

I really don’t get why you are annoyed with something so simple and fast.

I thought it was by far the best thing about era, Every one gathering at org exactly on 18:45 and then everyone running to zepplin together.

Ofc this was on a PvE server, since any one playing on a PvP server obviously would always have a bad time in the open world.

I think classic is more alt friendly, you see less and less fresh 80s becasue of the absolute nightmare you have to go through to catch up, gearscore, logs, items HR’ed, heroic + doesnt help,

I would rather level 1-60 than go through normals - heroics - heroic+ - naxx 10 - naxx 25 week after week just to be told my gs isnt high enough for ulduar 10,

A fresh 60 has a much better time gearing endgame,

The difference in bots is night and day,
The difference in gold buying and gdkp’s is night and day,
Pvp was much more frequent,
Dungeon groups and open world grouping was far more common,

The only thing that can be compared is raidlogging for world buffs, but thats it.

You may have seen a few snippets of those things in classic but it was nothing compared to what wrath is.

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You do know for classic, there is no catch, no easier old raids, no HC+ or emblems and you are fighting 1 item with 20 players…

In every way classic is less alt friendly?

Litterally only for now, all of that changes once the leveling phase is over and if it gets popular it gets filled with bots.

I played all of both, classic was just as bad as now.

Era ftw!!!

So Era had some mini hype wave due to:

  • Recent fall off in seasonal/casual player numbers in Ulduar due to them getting stuck without guilds to help em progress, or gold to win bids in GDKP or skill+gear to earn gold there. Any other PUGs can’t do HMs that easily (well maybe 10ppl Leviathan, Freya and Thorim are not that far from normals) and everyone just got the rest of gear from 10/25 normals on 10th week of phase 2.

  • No fresh servers launched in form of SoM2 and Thekal, Jin’do were dying for months now. Most players who wanted to play Wrath moved to Megarealms when given the opportunity to transfer. Other hype wave riders and fresh belivers moved elsewhere, including Classic Era.

How long will mini hype last on Classic Era? Well probably untill casuals finish ZG and AQ20 and Wrath Classic will announce ICC patch where new loots and easy catch up will be available once more.

P.S. also you are comparing 1-58 leveling in Wrath where paid lvl 70 boosts exist and most people have 3+ lvl 70 with 1-58 leveling of Era on mini hype wave.

Im just trying to shed some light on why, and i think people are genuinely fed up with wrath and whats happened to it, and the ich for a fresh start is there, time will tell.

This one I have to disagree with.

Took me 3 weeks to level an alt from 1 to 80 with Heirlooms (this was outside of Joyous Journeys) exclusively via questing and another week to gain appropriate gear and get Starcaller title for killing Algalon in 10 player mode in a PuG. BoE epics from raids are so damn cheap that you can get raid-geared the very same day you dinged 80 and no illegal RMT is needed at all. Add HC+ to the mix which is just a raid-loot pinata for alts and you can get to Ulduar the first lockout period (my case).

To correct you, the game is unfriendly to new players, not to alts. Megaserver AH prices and HC+ is an alt heaven.

Because some people have life schedules that don’t necessarily align with their servers’ schedules. For example, I’m often still not at home by 18:45 ST. Having to plan your gaming experience not just around your guild, but around your whole server, is one of the things I miss the least from Vanilla Classic. At least, when picking a guild, you can actually choose one whose schedules fit your own. Whereas, as far as servers go, you’re pretty much stuck.