ERA to ERA free transfers

Are the free character transfers in era still working?

I would like to move from Gehennas to Firemaw. The free transfer option in game does not show any available target realms.

Blue post still pinned?


We can’t move anywhere, they messed up again. Maybe after reset, or even before so?

Tranfers still not working. Not able to pick a realm.

Dreadnaught → Earthshaker

On October 18th they removed all SOM transfers when it failed for the first time. In that process they also wiped the normal free ERA transfers. It goes without saying (literally) that they did not communicate a single word about this, we - the community - had to find out ourselves :frowning:


You wanna know something funny?

I wish my money didn’t support Blizzard, i wish i could support a random small indie company, so that, that particular company would benefit from it, instead from greedy Blizzard. - Not to mention, if you compare a small indie company with Blizzard, the support and the communication is the exact same, the only difference right now, is that Blizzard got lucky to power / money, from the get-go.

It would quite literally take “Kaivax” or “Aggrend” like 1-2 hours of a meeting with the team, to discuss what happens next, but instead they sit and pick their noses, and wait for their 1-2 man team to do all the work undoubtly, for like several servers.

Instead of requesting some people from the retail team, onto classic team to get this fixed ASAP, they just sit and twindle their thumbs.

And don’t get me started, regarding sitting here and taking their sweet time fixing this issue, it sometimes feels like it’s a bad excuse on Blizzard’s end, to say: “We are gonna need a bit more time”, just to stretch out the date / drag out the date, for the correct release to go out.

It high-key sounds sketchy af, cause no other company uses this much TIME, with their amount of MONEY and EXPERIENCE, how can a multi-billionaire company use THIS long, to fix this simple of an issue? It is mindbreaking.

I see.

I got tired of waiting and did the paid transfer. Smh.

problem still persists (I guess I can dream that someone will see/read/fix it)

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