ERROR #134 (0x85100086)


Hello, i am having a random game crashes, mostly when i step on a “void zone”. I did clean windows and game install (with clean addons installing after). I tried different gpu drivers and etc. I have no overlays turned in(Dvr and others.)

My system specs is :
8gb ram
Radeon rx470 gpu

And i cant add error text from error.txt because its to long.


Good morning Corviüs,

Did you try the additional steps from this article here?

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Yes. I tried.


Alright, could you please post a DXDiag and MSInfo here? If the data is too big to be posted on the forum directly, you can use a page like and post the link to it here then.

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But i cant post pastebin link here?


You can, just put some spaces in the link and I will remove them again.

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I think if you post the link, highlight it and then press the “</>” button … it will still allow it, just not as a clickable link. But they will still be able to access the link.


MSInfo -
DxDiag -


Hello Corviüs,

You mentioned that you have no overlays, but there are two programs running (Discord and amdow) that have overlays. You might want to deinstall those and test again.

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Discord have overlay turned off and amdow is a amd drivers for gpu(and overlay is part of relive which i even didn’t have installed.


Good morning again,

The amd overlay is being shown as active in your MSInfo, that is why I have pointed it out. A quick search showed reports where the overlay is being reported as being active although users never installed it. Could you please double check this?

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There is no overlay in my taskmanager, and there no options of turning it on or off because i didnt installed relive.


Oh damn, that was not relive, alright this on is off rn, i am sorry, if i am gonna get another crash i will write here.



There is a newer driver available for your graphics card here. You might want to give that one a try.

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Thanks you, will try it asap.


Please do, and let me know how you are getting on.

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Got another crash(new drivers and everything is off).


Good morning again Cørvin,

I am sorry to hear that you are still having this issue. Could I please get a fresh DXDiag and MSInfo?

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Thanks a million. Have you checked that the Steelserie software is up to date? This might cause issues. The gamebarpresencewriter program could also cause the same issue. You should disable that one as well.

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