[EU] [H] [Draenor] <Bear Squad> Looking to reform and aiming for CE in 9.1

Did you join shadowlands late? Are you looking for good mythic progress within a fun environment in patch 9.1? We’re an old guild that are looking for players to reform into an elite mythic roster. Currently the guild is 3/10M, with 7% best try on Lady Inerva, within 1 week of raiding together.

We are reforming the guild to focus only on mythic progress, and a realistic goal of Cutting Edge. We have a core of good raiders who have been playing together since WOTLK, with our highest achievement being the 5th guild in the server to clear heroic Ragnaros in Firelands.


  1. Be a mature person and not be toxic (positivity is the most valuable asset we are looking for)

  2. Be fluent in English and vocal on Discord (when needed)

  3. Be willing to keep your character’s gear up to date outside raids (PvP and mythic+ gearing)

  4. Be ambitious in pushing content (we want people with a Can-Do attitude).

So if you’re currently not in a raiding guild and you want to aim to achieve Cutting Edge in 9.1 on a 2 days/week schedule (Aiming for Wednesday and Sunday 20:00 till 23:00 S.T), feel free to contact me on Battle.net: Clockwerk#21350, or Discord: Felyra#0565.




What time does the raid finish at please ?

It finishes at 23:00 ST, if you have any further question please add me on disco or Bnet.

Recruitment still open for:

1 Healer (pref Shaman)
DPS (mostly ranged)

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Recruitment still open for:

1 Healer (pref Shaman)


Still looking for RDPS and a resto shammy

Bear Bump!

Still looking for RDPS.

Need only 1 mage and 1 warlock now and we’re set!

1 remaining spot for a warlock.

What a lovely bump

Bumping, need RDPS prefer lock

A “we’re 2/10M now and looking for a warlock” bump

Bumping: currently 3/10M, looking for Rdps/Hpala.

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