[EU] [H] [Draenor] <Bear Squad> Looking to reform and aiming for CE in 9.1

It finishes at 23:00 ST, if you have any further question please add me on disco or Bnet.

Recruitment still open for:

1 Healer (pref Shaman)
DPS (mostly ranged)

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Recruitment still open for:

1 Healer (pref Shaman)


Still looking for RDPS and a resto shammy

Bear Bump!

Still looking for RDPS.

Need only 1 mage and 1 warlock now and we’re set!

1 remaining spot for a warlock.

What a lovely bump

Bumping, need RDPS prefer lock

A “we’re 2/10M now and looking for a warlock” bump

Bumping: currently 3/10M, looking for Rdps/Hpala.

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More of bump !!!

Bump of bumps

Still looking for a few dps players to round up the roster

BUMP BUMP BUMP! We are looking for more dps

Bump city!!