EU Honor Calculation Issue

There was an issue that came up during the EU weekly reset this week that affected the honor calculations on some realms. We have not lost any data and we are actively working on having this resolved within the next day. Thank you for your patience in this matter.


well it was nice of you to reply 18 hours after the problem started LOL


Guess one of the US CM’s woke up and had to do the “housekeeping” over here…

Your stealth fixed messed up alot. Please test run your fixes before just applying them.

We’re just wallets to them, bravo for them responding to their wallets!

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well mine just updated and lost a whole day of grinding AV ….
can’t believe I pay monthly for this torment


The last weeks honor is now updated correctly for last week for this char on Hydraxian Waterlords, thats great.
The honor from last night though, after the normal reset, is not added to this week or added at all.
Will check tomorrow after the normal dayly reset.

What’s cause of the issue?

Honor from Wed won’t be added till 9am. From what I can see, after the weekly totals updated, everything else looks correct.

Oh nice the 2 employees working at classic are done with refunding WC3 and have time to reply to the issue 18h later.

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This problem wouldn’t have occurred on private servers

O RLY? There has been an issue? THanks for telling us.

As a few of you have mentioned, if you log out and back in, you should now be seeing the updated numbers. Thanks again everybody.


my honor calculation was wrong

Im 99.9% i was 499k but somehow i show up today 503k
ridiculous, EU severs treated like childs.
No respect for paying costumer

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So you are upset you have more than you should? Are your costumes any good?

They are working too much you know :joy: so they dont have a time to look on forum :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Who will be responsible for this? How is it that you are not ashamed to treat your customers like this? Do you know that you live by us? Show some respect, we ask for nothing more, just respect.

WHAT is going on ??? I spend a lot of time in AV ranking up… and lost 890 kills from my charts after re-logging …. as for yesterday… pfttt
I keep my own score chart on the desk with me to compare with mates!!!
cant believe this. what do I pay for?

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