Every People have problem get legendary from fyrakk

Hello Dear Blizzard
i play long time play this game and this season really good and i love it
but i have some issue and other player have issue i have i try get my legendary from fyrakk this is my 12th week and i use every bad Luck Protection exists from the start this time with Greater Ember of Fyr’alath and Lesser Ember of Fyr’alath and idk what’s happen token doesnt work for me not give me any chance get my leggo please fix this issue

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the protection doesnt guarantee you the drop.
We don’t know how much the initial drop chance is and how much the embers give.

e.g. if the drop chance is 1% and each greater ember gives you 1% and lesser give you 0.5% you are still very very far away from a safe drop

maybe you are now at 25% drop chance, maybe it is still at 5% or it is at 70% we just simply dont know.
Still even with 40% drop chance the odds are that you still won’t get it for several runs if unlucky.

I do think it does a disservice to raiders, Ive only been raiding LFR/normal for 3 weeks I think and its dropped for me.

There is also nothing much legendary about the quests afterwards, just a pita repetition and gold sink.

This is exactly my issue with this garbage legendary, you did some lfr and normal and gg a legendary, i’ve cleared 8/9 mythic and 9/9 HC since the first week of the season and NOTHING, people just gatekeep you in m+ and it’s so tiring, this was the last week i gave it a try but i admit defeat and unsubbed, they can shove that legendary where the sun doesn’t shine, hopefully it ‘ends’ their existence

We had 3 drop yesterday on 2 different Fyrakk HC kills for guildies. If you have killed HC 12 times + minor boost…its really close for you.

No, you haven’t.

Your first Fyrakk HC kill was 2 weeks after your first Gnarlroot HC kill.
You’re only at 6/9 mythic, and have only killed those bosses 2 - 4 times. (Your RIO dates suggest you haven’t killed any mythic bosses for a few weeks, and you’ve stopped progressing altogether.)

I’m not saying it’s right that you’ve killed Fyrakk HC 12 times and don’t have the legendary yet, but lying doesn’t help your argument.

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But bro, exaggerating my progress lends credibility to my argument!

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