Dragonflight Best Expansion Of All Time

Really? They were random.

The usual way of acquiring leggos were: Make 5 chars of the same class. Level them up. Because this was in place (from wowhead):

" For each “Legendary Eligible” activity you do (e.g. kill a dungeon/raid boss, open a treasure, open an Emissary cache - see above for a complete list) your chances of getting a legendary increase by a small amount. Over time, your chances of a legendary drop will increase progressively until you get one.

Once a legendary drops, the chance of your next legendary resets to the base drop chance, and then will slowly rise again as you complete more “Legendary Eligible” activities."

You had to hope that the one that drops was your BiS one. If it did not, you deleted the char. But because you did the same thing with 5 chars at the same time, you HOPE that 1 of them gets the BiS leggo. That one you keep.

If THAT is the most efficient way to aquire leggos… its FAR from fine.

In the last patch of the expansion, they finally put a vendor. Then it was OK. But it was not for 1 year and 8 months.

Yeah, but it was cool. Having a chance of them dropping doing basically anything made it exciting imo.

No, that wasn’t ‘the usual’ way. That was the obsessive way.

LOL. No. That’s utterly over the top.
Anyone who actually did that, needs to stop gaming because they have an unhealthy obsession.

Here is YOUR issue:

Not everything has to be the most efficient.


I enjoyed it, I finally have the opportunity to do ranked pvp without looking for team (Its hard find people to do PvP consistently compared to PvE) in the form of solo shuffle.

I think the upgrade system is a good loop as well.

I would like to judge on raid too, but with classic being my focus for pve I can’t give a vote, I just hope it is less convoluted and performance demanding (player and hardware wise) compared to the last expansions.

Stop posting on that troll character!

I am not sure I’d say it’s the best but I certainly appreciate the removal of the chores. When I log on it’s to play the game not to grind a load of AP first.

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Sure. Valid points.

Lets see how that “random drop” aspect has aged:

Those are the posts I bothered looking for in 5 minutes. Im sure there are more.

Now imagine if it was like in Legion, that you could get a leggo that does 0% extra damage, OR, a leggo that does 20% extra damage. Imagine the outrage of people… dont you remember Legion? :smiley:

Either way, when 20% or more of your damage is 1 item, and you dont have it… then you get rejected from keys. And the longer the time passes, the more people “with” and the less people want to take you.

Never mind the absolute nightmare to balance classes if they have a lego or not.

Random leggos are a BAD idea. And not because everyone try-hards… no… but for the same reason a minority of people are a swety min-maxer, so is the other side of the spectrum. A minority of people are ultra casual. For those, drop chance does not matter.

For the rest of the average player… RNG is a problem on items that give so much power.

:+1: World of Warcraft / WoTLK / Cata / MoP / WoD / Legion / Shadow

:-1: TBC / BfA / DF

I can’t say that I hate it.

I was goin to tell you to stop switching char. Its a pity it was a troll. report it and carry on.

I do. And there will always be people who cry that they didn’t get what they want.
There were people like that before and after Legion as well.

But that’s a ‘people’ problem. I’ve said this for years. It’s the playerbase doing this to themselves. Not the game. Players need to change, imo.

Not sure that’s a correct assessment.

I think we should just agree to disagree. I’ve been having these kinds of discussions for years and they never lead anywhere. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it’s annoying.

There is allot I like about Dragonflight.

The quality of life updates. The edit mode and interface customization.
How you can gear up catch up alts faster than ever before.
The new profession system. At least crafted items matter again.
Follower dungeons.
Dragonflying! And the updated flying.

I also really liked the new zones… They are wast and big as hell. And there is allot to explore. And exploration feeling is something I longed missed in wow.

There are probably more, But that all that comes off the top of my mind.

Also the tier set transmogs… And transmogs in general this expansion where really cool

I agree.
But… There is not a lot I LOVE about Dragonflight.

If WoW was a meal, DF would be soup. It’s fine, it’s tastes nice, but it’s just soup.


There is allot of things i didn’t think was all that great either… But I’ve posted that pretty much everywhere else… Time for some positivity! :sweat_smile:

Okay, okay…

I dislike Dragonriding less than I did early on in the expansion.

How about that? :nerd_face:


Its great we get to switch between Dragon riding and old flying. Especially when collecting treasures in the Emerald dream.

Following that ‘‘Triflesnatch’’ Whatever on a dragon riding mount was awful.


I have no complaints about this DF. I have been playing a l lot yes. It is flipping amazing that they put dragon flying in actual Azeroth itself. There is even Hordes in the guild I am in! I love all the small things to do For some odd reason I am attracted to piles of dirt and rock climbing quests. This expansion brought in a better tech tree/talent tree. I just love messing about in there because I don’t do any serious content so can spec any old ability I like and run with it and enjoy it.

They cannot really be faulted by myself. Apart from that kerfuffle we have been having with battle.net but thats off topic.

Pretty much this.
In the post MOP era of WoW I think DF ranks behind Legion but ahead of Shadowlands. It’s in the middle with WoD and BFA.

Its story-telling is a mess.
Leveling alts is just repeating the same content over again.
There are a lot of Renowns and they took a while to raise.
Open world content hasn’t been done well, at least there was some which likely puts it ahead of WoD (although WoD had better story telling and fast alt leveling with xp potions and Bonus Objectives).
I don’t feel qualified to talk about professions as I’ve done so little on them but this is down to how convoluted they seem to be.

But DF did resolve some of the issues of the post MOP era, the systems, chores, the maze-like terrain et al.

Nobody cried in MOP or BFA about the leggos.

You have been delusional for years if you thing “people” have the ability to change. That is a uphill battle you cant win.

My proof: Politicians exist since BC era. And for the past 10000 years of recorded history, we as a society have been dealing with the same “people” problem. You think you have a chance in a game? :slight_smile:

Therefore: Dont change the people to the system. Change the system to the people. SIMPLE. :slight_smile: And that is why, even if you think system is morally better, in reality when implemented it is not.

Kinda like: Why communism on paper sounds super nice. But in the end, what gave us more prosperity as a whole is accepting people are selfish and care only about their own interests. You can get more into details of course… but that’s the basic idea. Accepting people as who they are.

You heard of gausians right? That is what I was refering to. So yes… the ULTRA casual are rare. The “normal” casual are not.

Thing is: Those “normal” casuals, when they play the game and interact with other players they stumble upon the “people problem” you mentioned above and it has an impact on their gameplay.

Only the extreme spectrum dont care, or care too much about RNG in an item that provides 20% of your damage.

It has a lot of good aspects.

I enjoyed doing all the renowned reps, and I really liked some of the tier sets. Especially Priest and Shaman.

Nothing has given me the fun I had in Wotlk and MoP though.

The more you tell him not to do it, the longer he will do it. Best if just everyone ignores them completely.