Everything Wrong with WoW PvP – Open Letter

Youtube: search for venruki

Talks about the letter.

However. Like venruki. I do not agree with everything in the letter. But some points are for sure good

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Reviving this, because these problems are still lasting.

Brilliant letter. Agree with most. Thanks OP

Much respect to you for writing all of this down. I finally managed to bring myself to read it all over and you hit the nail on the head with pretty much everything.

I am glad that there are still people with such passion to wow pvp, thank you for your letter!

Yeah, I saw the vid ^^ Sadly he very much rushed through it and only somewhat properly read the last section, which ultimately looks like a bunch of yapping with no basis behind, if you skip the first 11 walls of text, but yeah. Better than nothing, provided it amounted to anything, which we’ll probably never know.

I think there is no bad publicity - the best that could happen to the letter is to have a Venruki video, because this is actually something that may reach the devs

PvP is so broken in this game its funny lol

Premade Grps, People with Healbots, Boosting, Win Trading, Hacker, Exploiter and Toxic People.

Terrible Class Balance are only the Great Iceberg

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not if it just makes the video look like a typical rss hatepost, which it was not by any means, but still better than nothing

I agree with everything except the button bloat.

They are amazing and we need more. Use Shift Ctrl Alt modifiers for your mouse. 12x4=48 buttons on your mouse alone. The rest you can bind on your keyboard.
Remember to modify your 1234 on your keyboard to different keys than 1234 on your mouse.
In total I have over 100 keybinds, including portals and engi stuff ofc.

True less buttons lead too the DH way the dark side of Wow where you have only a view abilitys with way too many modifier

And a 1.4 DH have the same damage output as a 3k DH because there is nothing you can do wrong in your rotation

Except most classes have like 5 spells max dmg rotation. Not a single dmg rotation is dificult. Dh is broken cos of other stuff such as being immune to everything half of the game while being unkillable with endless mobility.

Yes most rotations are not that hard i would say the normal is arround 8 buttons for rotation and 2 cds with a longer cooldown

You maybe right DH buttons are just too powerfull compaired with his toolkit he got over time

What class has 8 buttons rotation? Ele sham has like 3 spells, boomkin has 3, demo has 3, destro lock 5. Idk other classes. Back in time for example in Legion it was even less than Now. I mean there might be some outliers but in general its extra brain dead. Back in cata for example you had to snapshot dotaz atleast and pay attention to stuff but Now in most cases i turn off my brain and play on autopilot.

Shadow got 8 for rotation +3 ofensive cds
Outlaw 8 for rotation + 2 or more
Sv Hunter
Ww monk

Sure there are speccs you can play with very view buttons but only if you take all passive talents, if you wont you can choose a lot of talents for ele

Wow is full of overcomplicated balast. Like look on most basic stuff like dmg rotation… U have to turn arround 3 times, dance macarena under moon during noon, fly up down turn again 3 times and watch constantly when some random buff proc to do Big damage…Novadays looks arenas like star wars… Billions spells flying arround and all are only fillers waiting for Big dmg modifiers they do litteraly nothing except maybe destrolock.

Lets try to pretend you are newbie and you join bg/arena. U have to learn all 999 buff debuffs icon (Then you release new exps and cycle start again), then constantly watch target buffs meanwhile watch your cds, keep watching bg objectives/enemy position and when your situation comes to do burst you have to press billion spells in different order conditioned random buff procs.

I know you want make it ,fun, for veterans. But you can make it overcomplicated in other aspects like enviroment not most boring stuff like constantly watching micro buffs debuffs pop to react…


Always funny how people blame RSS for the PvP participation. Shadowlands season 3 and 4 have already proven that arena was literally a dead game mode without RSS was in the game.

Without RSS the participation would be way worse. Do you really think people would instead keep spending time again for the LFG tool sitting on a mountain and try to find people to play with in a dead game, logging out after playing 1-2 games as a result of an 3 hours time invest?

They would maybe do that for 1 week. People who really enjoy arena maybe for 2 weeks. But after that, they would start playing other games again like they did in SL season 3 and 4 and only come back for the last 1 or 2 weeks of a season, if at all.

Because why would you try to find teammates not playing, when there are more than enough games you could just instantly play with a solo queue option? :wink:

Therefore is RSS from my perspective a game saviour not a game destroyer!


logging out after playing 1-2 games as a result of an 3 hours time invest?

This is literally describing what’s currently happening because of RSS, not if there was no RSS. The situation has not changed, you’re still paying money for being afk in your already limited free time. Personally, I rather spend 80 minutes looking for a decent person I might play with some other day than waiting 40 minutes in queue and 40 inside to get anywhere between -60 and +10 points without gaining MMR and being rewarded for performance. And worst case, I can bail after a loss streak, instead of having to endure these people - or not and lose 150 cr - and alt f4 out of the game.

again fresh ppl joining ss with their honor gear and instantly get rekt because it gives them 1600mmr at start. New people will get just blasted and discouraged to even try to play again. Give starting mmr to 1300. Also I understand the queue times, but to put 3 zugzug and one caster in a ss is super toxic. should be max 2 melee 2 ranged.

How can RSS affect your teammates that leave the group after 1-2 games? You might think you would find more teams and faster, but you wouldn’t. Because guess what, people can use LFG while being in RSS queue!!

That’s just a terrible excuse! If you can’t climb in RSS, you shouldn’t look down onto your teammates, but onto yourself. There’s a reason why most of the top arena players also lead their spec ladder in shuffle. I mean, can you call me one really good arena player that wasn’t capable of climbing in shuffle?

Nothing stops you from it. Like I mentioned before, people can use LFG while being in shuffle queue. If they don’t use it, there must be a reason!

They also get 1600mmr in any bracket if they haven’t played that bracket ever before.

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