Everything Wrong with WoW PvP – Open Letter

How can RSS affect your teammates that leave the group after 1-2 games?

It doesn’t, and why should it. Would you wanna play with a person you don’t wanna play with? Clearly not. PvP is about teams and cooperation, that factor is completely gone from low RSS (0-2400).

you shouldn’t look down onto your teammates, but onto yourself.
You should totally look down on yourself, the teammates, and the game design at the same time. There are 12 paragraphs written about this at the beginning of this post, case you didn’t read them.

If they don’t use it, there must be a reason!

Of course, the reason is you sometimes need to check the sign-ups, while in RSS you have no control over it and can be entirely afk. People have given up at teaming up collectively.

Over a month, still nothin, so revival it is again.

Why do you push your own thread?

Because it’s got about enough feedback and clout for it to be potentially relevant to those who haven’t seen it yet, as well as to (nonexistent) pvp devs

Just nerf DH in the ground patch saved EZ

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if i buy a 20 Euro mount from the store, do we see a Dh nerf for this week Bobby?

I will encourage you to play a game. Just stand in Valdrakken (while waiting the 25-35 min solo shuffle queue ofc) inspect people who are not in the dummy room and check if they PvPed at all. Do that untill you find someone who bothered to reach atleast 1.5k cr and see how many people you have inspected before finding one. The state of the game has never been this bad pvp wise. I can’t believe we are at that point. The devs really f-ed this expansion up. There are so many different issues that someone found themselves making an essey of all the problems in the game.

P.S. - Arcane mage design is a joke.

Bobby’s gone a long time ago

so who is now the target? :rage:

holinka is also gone, we need a new target then

i think this is the worst thing what can happen, if u dont even have a target anymore, because everyone is gone


People know PvP is in a completely desolate state. They can read it anyhere and hear it from anybody. They know they’ll wait for 40 minutes afk if they queue RSS, or wait for 40+ minutes afk in LFG, or not get past 1k cr because that’s how LFG rolls. Why would they bother? The easiest thing you can do is buy a carry and save yourself the hassle, if you can be bothered with any amount of PvP to begin with.

We are just screaming into the void

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My sub is running out in like 10 minutes, so I’ll scream for the last time before I can’t even use this site.


When is Plunderstorm going away? Sincerely hope it never returns again!

Trashstorm will be the new future of wow Pvp, u even can Play it on Mobile Phone!


I agree with the poster. Ive read it all and its been well articulated. Im not a big reader but you made it easy.

Wish blizzard would give a peep and read it, but experience tell me they won’t

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