Experienced Multi-class player LF raiding guild


Hi there, i’ll keep this relatively short and sweet so you can see what i’m about and what i’m looking for.

My names Tom, i’m 25 and have played WoW since mid classic. I’ve played almost every class at high end raiding level and strive to clear all content during it’s current release. I’m currently looking for a mid to high end mythic raiding guild with the intent on achieving cutting edge on every raid.

I play a multitude of classes and have done so for most of them at high end raiding and I would stress I am very capable (and willing) of rerolling if it secures a raid spot for the right guild.

In order my alts (listed from most played/most ready to raid to least) - (I’ll also list the specs by each class in order of how well I can play them):

  • Druid - Feral (main), Balance
  • Rogue - assassination, subtlety, outlaw
  • Hunter - beast mastery, survival, marksman
  • Priest - Shadow
  • Demon Hunter - Havoc
  • Monk - Windwalker
  • Warlock - Demonology, Destruction, Affliction
  • Warrior - Arms, Fury
  • Mage - Fire, Frost, Arcane

– The ideal guild would likely have the following (however I am still going to look at any guild that is interested in me):

  • Cleared all content during current tiers (consistent cutting edge)
  • Is 2-3 days a week
  • Speaks English
  • Does not fall prey to elitist mentality or toxic environments

I would also like to stress that most of this post I am happy to elaborate on discord/teamspeak if a discussion is needed before a decision can be made. You can add me either ingame on Enigma#2951 or find me on discord on (maybe)cutecatgirlx#0001.

Hopefully that was worth the read, I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read and i’ll make an effort to get back to any guilds as soon as possible.



Interestingly it swapped what character this was posted on after the fact - this would my main.

(Webby) #3

Hey dude, we’re going hard for 8.2. If you’d be interested in server transferring check us out!


Hey, you seem like a perfect fit for our guild.

Also, we’d be interesting in taking you as Feral if it’s what you enjoy, otherwise any of the ranged classes or rogue/DH is good too

Here is our ad.

Raid is a brand new guild made by multiple groups of Mythic raiders specifically selected from other guilds to form this guild. We have a solid roster of trials so far in preparation for raiding in the new raid tier but are looking for a few more to fill the last remaining spots.

Specifically looking for:

Ret paladin
Shadow Priest
Ele Shaman

  • Other ranged applicants can be considered as well.

We are also looking for a dedicated raid leader who enjoys the role and wants to direct the raid team during raid times. Thus if this is something you feel you can bring to the raid team - that’s a massive bonus to your application.

Raid times are set to be:

Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 st
Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 st
Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 st

As of the time of this post, we have raided a total of 6 hours in mythic 2x 3 hour raids on sunday, and have progressed to 4/8m (This is mostly to trial people)

Raid is the kind of guild being built that aims to be active inside of raid as well as outside, with a community that spans outside of the game. With people hanging out in discord, chatting and playing other games than WoW with each other we feel it’s so important to be part of not just a team, but a family of people you can make friends with and feel welcome.

With this in mind, the guild’s goals are to clear Cutting Edge each raid tier and we will be taking this goal very seriously thus you are expected to play at the top of your game and know how to research tactics and play your class to an exceptional level. We expect 90%+ attendance no less. We also expect each raider to be able to use discord, speak and understand English coherently and to be willing to be vocal when appropriate.

Please understand that we expect no one to be carried, if you are not performing to the standard of the rest of the guild you will be benched.

If this sounds like the sort of guild you’d like to be part of please apply at:

  • https ://raid.shivtr.com/
    Or add my battle net: Halo1v1me#2150