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About Us

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We’re a semi-hardcore guild who are always looking to push ourselves further and have a good time whilst we’re at it. Our goal is to get Cutting Edge in every upcoming tier, and to challenge ourselves to do it as fast as possible. We’re looking for experienced players to fill out our Mythic roster.

What we expect from you

  • Have Mythic raiding experience
  • Join discord with a good quality mic
  • Speak and understand English
  • Bring a positive attitude
  • Come to raids prepared
  • Socially active in the guild
  • Good raid attendance ~80%
  • Desire to constantly improve your gameplay (via logs, sims, etc.)

Raid times

Wednesday 20:00 – 23:00 (server time) - Mythic, mandatory
Thursday 20:00 – 23:00 (server time) - Mythic, mandatory
Monday 20:00 – 23:00 (server time) - Heroic, optional

We are currently recruiting for the following class as a priority:
Healer - Priest, Shaman
Ranged DPS - Priest, Hunter, Mage
Melee DPS - Warrior, Monk, Paladin

However, we would consider anyone that can play their character to an exceptional caliber.

We are currently also recruiting for our Raid Leader position. If you have previous experience in Raid Leading please get in touch with us!

If you have any questions or are interested in joining please message one of the officers:

383 IL priest or 370 DH LF Draenor [H] Mythic
[H] [Ragnaros] 377 arms warrior/377 havoc dh looking for semi-casual raiding guild for BoD
[KAZZAK] old school raider LF new guild to raid
(H)[Kazzak] 6/8m Balance Druid LFG
[H] 390 Retribution Paladin LF Guild (2-3Days)
Experienced Multi-class player LF raiding guild
Returning player lf guild
[H] [Draenor, open to transfer] Group of 4 looking for a mythic guild
Returning Warlock LF guild for BoD

Bump 10char

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Bump! Let’s go 8.2!


Bump CE is ours

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updated for some of the classes we’re looking for! If you’re one of these apply fast!

Boomkin 4/8M LF Guild

Lets go, lets go, lets go


Bump, MW priority but considering all classes. Let’s go get edge bois and girls.

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Bump! Let’s go BoD!


Bumpbump bump,


Mistweaver + a few ranged dps still priority

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Bump still recruiting healers, ranged dps and warrior dps


+1 Get in touch.

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bump! lets go


MW, warlocks - get in touch!

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BUMP starting up recruitment


Still recruiting!